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What is Oz Lotto?

Oz Lotto is a national lottery game based in Australia. It is owned and operated by the Tatts Group. Oz Lotto is one of the most popular and well known lotteries in Australia, it holds the record for the largest Australian lotto jackpot of over $111,000,000 AUD.

How to play:

After a change in the rules in 2005, You need to choose 7 numbers out of a possible 45. There are also 2 supplementary bonus numbers drawn from the same pool. These supplementary bonus balls are used for the 2nd, 4th and 7th prize divisions. You can choose between buying a single ticket or pooling together and joining a group game.

chances to win U.S. - Oz Lotto

DivisionMatchWinning Odds
17 Regular 1 in 45,379,620
26 Regular + 1 Supplementary 1 in 3,241,401
36 Regular 1 in 180,078
45 Regular + 11 in 29,602
5 5 Regular1 in 3,430
64 Regular 1 in 154
73 Regular + 1 1 in 87
Any Prize 1 in 55

Prize Divisions

17 + 0 EXTRA
26 + 1 EXTRA
36 + 0 EXTRA
45 + 1 EXTRA
55 + 0 EXTRA
64 + 0 EXTRA
73+ 1EXTRA

Oz Lotto History:

Introduced in 1994, Oz Lotto was Australia’s first national lotto game, and has remained the most popular among Lotto players in Australia since! The overall odds to win something in any Oz Lotto game are just 1 in 87. A change on 18th October 2005, with the addition of an extra ball, OZ lotto became more similar to the AUS Powerball in terms of odds and game structure.

In the time after the change there was a name change to emphasize the new structure and additional ball, with names such as ‘Super 7’s Oz Lotto’ as ‘Oz 7 Lotto’ being used, however, as of 2012 the name Oz Lotto has been the only brand.

Min jackpot 2,000,000 AUD

Record Jackpot 111,972,151 AUD


Winnings from Australia Powerball are tax free within the country, but if you are playing from overseas then it is best to take advice on tax liabilities in your country.

What Happens if I Win?

When you win a jackpot you will have a two options as to how you would like to claim your winnings. The first is the most common, where jackpot winners’ are paid in multiple annual payments, depending on your preference. The time period you have to claim your prize depends on where the ticket was bought for example, in the Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania you will have up to 6 months from the date of the draw to claim your prize. However, If you bought a ticket in Western Australia or Southern Australia you will have 12 months from the date of the draw. Finally, in New South Wales, all Australian Powerball prizes must be claimed within 6 years of the draw date.

Tips & Tricks For Increasing Your Odds:

The best way to increase your odds is to buy group game tickets. It’s pure logic & math. When you buy group game tickets you essentially ‘pool together’ your tickets and therefore increase your odds immensely.

For example: If you wanted to buy a single ticket for a Australian Powerball draw it will cost you around $2 AUD offline, and anywhere up to $6 AUD per ticket online. With a group game option you buy shares in a group of tickets online. 50 tickets could make up one group (groups can be anywhere from 30-100 tickets grouped together). This group of 50 tickets is then split into 100 shares and each share can be sold separately, this way the player can buy a share in a group of 50 tickets for a prices much cheaper, as little as €0.19 per ticket. If one of the group’s ticket is a winner then the winning amount will be split according to how many shares you have in the group.

So, if we have a group of 50 tickets, split into 100 shares and you buy 10 shares in the group, you own 10% of the group of 50 tickets. This means if the group of tickets has a winner in it, say $100,000.00 AUD you would receive 10% of this total, meaning you would win $10,000.00 AUD