At Lottosend we want you to play the biggest, most exciting lotteries in the world. But we also want you to play responsibly.

We think the lottery is a great way to have fun but only if you stay within your financial means. That's why we have measures in place to help you play the lottery in a healthy way:

  • Our online support is here to provide advice and assistance 24/7.
  • Our support team constantly analyzes and measures our players' activities to ensure that there are is no unusual behavior in their playing habits.
  • If we feel that there is out of place behavior, our support team will get in touch to make sure that everything is okay.
  • We also offer a self-exclusion feature that helps regulate usage for those who feel they need to put restrictions on their play.

Please feel free to contact our support team with any questions you may have.

If you or someone you know are at risk of developing a potential gambling problem, please get in touch with a local medical advisor or any of the below industry authorities for assistance:




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