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What is SuperLotto Plus?

SuperLotto Plus, also known as "The California Lottery", is a multi-state lottery that offers MEGA jackpots starting at $7 million, making it one of the most popular lottery games in the US. SuperLotto Plus offers head-turning prizes and the chance to win secondary prizes with just the MEGA number, or hit it huge by matching all 5 numbers and the MEGA number. With two draws every week and nine prize categories to win from, SuperLotto Plus is a fun and popular lottery for players of all types.

How To Play SuperLotto Plus:

To take part in the SuperLotto Plus draw you need to pick 5 out of 47 possible numbers for your regular numbers and also choose 1 out of 27 MEGA numbers (bonus ball). The top tier prize is awarded to anyone who has correctly picked 5 regular numbers and also matched the MEGA number. You can choose between buying a single ticket or pooling together and joining a group game.Group games are better option if you want to increase your chances without spending a fortune.
See below: Tips & Tricks For Increasing Your Odds.

When Do The Draws Take Place

Wednesday & Saturday
7:45 PM PST / 10:45 PM EST / 5:45 AM GMT / 2:45 PM AUS

Chances to win U.S. – SuperLotto Plus

Divisions Match Winning Odds
1st Prize 5 Regular + MEGA Ball 1 in 41,416,353
2nd Prize 5 Regular 1 in 1,592,937
3rd Prize 4 Regular + MEGA Ball 1 in 197,221
4th Prize 4 Regular 1 in 7,585
5th Prize 3 Regular + Bonus Ball 1 in 4,810
6th Prize 3 Regular 1 in 185
7th Prize 2 Regular + MEGA Ball 1 in 361
8th Prize 1 Regular + MEGA Ball 1 in 74
9th Prize MEGA Ball Only 1 in 49

SuperLotto Plus History

Since its beginning in 1985, SuperLotto Plus has contributed over $10.5 billion to California's public schools and more than $27 billion in prize money to winning lotto players. Approximately 95% of all revenue from lottery ticket sales makes its way back to the California public as investments in classrooms, charity and State education. SuperLotto Plus benefits local education and promotes change for a better future. SuperLotto Plus is the biggest of the California-only lotteries and features a minimal jackpot of $7 million that reaches heights of nearly $200 million on regular basis.

Having a minimum jackpot at $7 million means players are always interested in playing the SuperLotto Plus. It is an ideal lottery to set up a subscription as you always know that the wining prizes will be high.

Minimum Jackpot

$7,000,000 USD

Record Jackpot

$193,000,000 USD


Prizes worth over $599 are subject to taxes and additional regulation required by law. However, there are no California state/local taxes.

What Happens if I Win?

When you win a jackpot you will have a two options as to how you would like to claim your winnings. The first is the most common, where jackpot winners’ are paid in 30 annual payments and you have 180 days to claim your prize. However, if you win the jackpot and your prize is validated by the Lottery, you will have 60 days to choose the upfonrt cash value of the prize instead of 30 annual payments.

Tips & Tricks For Increasing Your Odds

The best way to increase your odds is to buy group game tickets. It’s pure logic & math. When you buy group game tickets you essentially ‘pool together’ your tickets and therefore up your odds immensely.

For example: If you wanted to buy a single ticket for a SuperLotto Plus draw it will cost you $2 offline, and anywhere up to $5 per ticket online. With a group game option you buy shares in a group of tickets online. 50 tickets could make up one group (groups can be anywhere from 30-100 tickets grouped together). This group of 50 tickets is then split into 100 shares and each share can be sold separately, this way the player can buy a share in a group of 50 tickets for a prices much cheaper, as little as $0.16 per ticket. If one of the group’s ticket is a winner then the winning amount will be split according to how many shares you have in the group.

So, if we have a group of 50 tickets, split into 100 shares and you buy 10 shares in the group, you own 10% of the group of 50 tickets. This means if the group of tickets has a winner in it, say $100,000.00, you would receive 10% of this total, meaning you would win $10,000.00.

Prize Divisions

Match5 + 1PB5 + 0PB4 + 1PB4 + 0PB3 + 1PB3 + 0PB2 + 1PB1 + 1PB0 + 1PB
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