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What Is Irish Lotto?

Irish Lotto, as the name suggests, is the national lottery of Ireland. It also happens to be the most famous lottery and quite possibly the one with the biggest prizes. With multiple draws taking place every week, the lottery turns people into millionaires quite often. The popularity of Irish lotto is not limited to its country of origin today. Using our website, people from around the world can participate in the lottery and get a chance to become a millionaire.

How to play:

Irish Lotto remains quite possibly the simplest lotteries out there. There are not difficult rules for you to learn. You have a range of 1 to 47 available. From this range, you have to pick your six lucky numbers. If you match all of these numbers, you win the jackpot. To participate in the lottery, you have to choose two panels at least. You can purchase multiple tickets and play lots of panels to increase your chances of winning. You can also participate in the lottery in the form of a syndicate, which is a way for people to boost their winning chance.

Chances to win Irish Lotto

DivisionMatchWinning Odds
1Match All 6 Numbers1 in 10,737,573,
2Match 5 Numbers + Bonus1 in 1,789,596
3Match 5 Numbers1 in 931,001
4Match 4 Numbers + Bonus 1 in 44,740
5Match 4 Numbers1 in 17,896
6Match 3 Numbers + Bonus 1 in 688
7Match 3 Numbers1 in 54
8Match 2 Numbers + Bonus1 in 72

Prize Divisions

1All 6
25 + Bonus
44 + Bonus
63 + Bonus
82 + Bonus

Irish Lotto History

You will often find this lottery on the internet as National Lottery. If you are on an Irish website, you won’t see them calling it Irish lotto for understandable reasons. The lottery started in the country more than 20 years ago. The lottery was started by the country to help with various developments in the country, including but not limited to sports, welfare of the people, recreational activities, arts related activities and much more.

The syndicate that won the largest Irish lotto jackpot in history had 16 members in the group. The total prize money after several rollovers had reached nearly €19. This huge jackpot was won in 2008 and remains the biggest in the history of the lottery to this day.

Min jackpot 2,000,000EUR

Record Jackpot 18,900,000EUR


Some of the biggest lotteries of the world like MegaMillions and Powerball have huge jackpots. However, taxes can slash your winnings significantly. On the other hand, whatever you win as an Irish Lotto jackpot belongs to you completely. There are no taxes for you to pay.

What Happens if I Win?

First, you have to make sure that you claim your prize within 90 days of your win. If you don’t make a claim of your prize within the specified period, you will lose your winnings. The only way for a player to claim the prize is to present the ticket. No winnings can be claimed when there is no ticket or when it has been destroyed. However, when you buy your tickets from us, we are the ones taking care of your ticket. A big prize money needs to be claimed by you personally. For that, you have to be in Ireland. The better option is for us to claim the prize on your behalf. However, we will discuss the options with you when you win something big and decide what is best in your interest.

Tips & Tricks For Increasing Your Odds:

It is not just Irish Lotto. In fact, you can increase your chances of winning any lottery in the world by buying more tickets. The more tickets you have the higher your chances of winning the lottery are. In addition to that, you have the syndicate option as well. From the information above, you know that the biggest Irish lotto jackpot has gone to a syndicate. As a part of the syndicate, any person in the group can match the jackpot numbers and the prize money will go to everyone.

Last but not least, you can research the numbers that have been drawn in the past to know the ones that have appeared most frequently. Statistics will not guarantee a win for you but they will definitely boost the chances of you walking home with the jackpot.