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What is Eurojackpot?

The Eurojackpot is a European wide Lottery that currently has 17 participating member countries. This transnational lottery was first launched in March 2012. The participating countries include Germany, Spain, Sweden & Italy. Compared to its European predecessors the Eurojackpot was designed to pay out more frequently, this can be seen in the relatively low odds to jackpot.

How to play:

For the top prize you need to match 5 correct numbers out of the 50 available plus another 2 supplementary/bonus numbers out of a possible 10. You can choose between buying a single ticket or pooling together and joining a group game.

chances to win U.S. - Eurojackpot

DivisionMatchWinning Odds
15 Regular + 2 Bonus Balls1 in 95,344,200
25 Regular + 1 Bonus Balls1 in 5,959,013
35 Regular1 in 3,405,150
44 Regular + 2 Bonus Balls1 in 423,752
54 Regular + 1 Bonus Ball1 in 26,485
64 Regular1 in 15,134
73 Regular + 2 Bonus Balls1 in 9,631
82 Regular + 2 Bonus Balls1 in 672
93 Regular + 1 Bonus Ball 1 in 602
103 Regular1 in 344
111 Regular + 2 Bonus Balls1 in 128
122 Regular + 1 Bonus Ball1 in 42

Prize Divisions

15 + 2PB
25 + 1PB
35 + 0PB
44 + 2PB
54 + 1PB
64+ 0PB
73+ 2PB
82+ 2PB
93+ 1PB
103+ 0PB
111+ 2PB
122+ 1PB

Eurojackpot History:

The Eurojackpot was first conceived in 2006 as a way to compete with the bigger, Euro Millions, which has countries such as UK providing a large amount of ticket sales. The idea with the Eurojackpot was to create something that could rival the more established Euro Millions. This idea was completed in 2011 with 6 initial participating countries and the addition of Estonia before the first official draw was taken in March 2012.

Since this initial draw Spain was the first country to join a few months later, and followed by an influx of the Scandinavian & Eastern European countries in early 2013. Most recently, in October 2014 the participating members was expanded to include Czech Republic, Hungary & Slovakia. This most recent influx meant that the Eurojackpot, with 270m, now has a wider reach of potential players than its older and more established relative – the Euro Millions, with 217m.

Min jackpot 10,000,000 EURO

Record Jackpot 90,000,000 EURO


Taxes on the Eurojackpot is a little more complicated than its U.S counterparts. This is because the Euromillions takes place in multiple countries at the same time that each have their own tax system. For example, If you buy a ticket in Spain and win over €2,500 (tier 4 prizes and above) you will be subject to 20% tax.

What Happens if I Win?

When you win a jackpot you will have a two options as to how you would like to claim your winnings. The first is the most common, where jackpot winners’ are paid in multiple annual payments, depending on your preference. However, after you win the jackpot and your prize is validated by the Lottery, you will have 1 year to claim your prize.

Tips & Tricks For Increasing Your Odds:

The best way to increase your odds is to buy group game tickets. It’s pure logic & math. When you buy group game tickets you essentially ‘pool together’ your tickets and therefore increase your odds immensely.

For example: If you wanted to buy a single ticket for a Euromillions draw it will cost you €2.50 offline, and anywhere up to €6 per ticket online. With a group game option you buy shares in a group of tickets online. 50 tickets could make up one group (groups can be anywhere from 30-100 tickets grouped together). This group of 50 tickets is then split into 100 shares and each share can be sold separately, this way the player can buy a share in a group of 50 tickets for a prices much cheaper, as little as €0.19 per ticket. If one of the group’s ticket is a winner then the winning amount will be split according to how many shares you have in the group.

So, if we have a group of 50 tickets, split into 100 shares and you buy 10 shares in the group, you own 10% of the group of 50 tickets. This means if the group of tickets has a winner in it, say €100,000.00, you would receive 10% of this total, meaning you would win €10,000.00.