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What is Australia Powerball?

The Australian Powerball is one of the continent’s most popular lotteries, played every Thursday, with a record jackpot of AUD$80!

In order to win a prize in this game, all you have to do is match 2 numbers as well as the Powerball to secure the lowest cash reward. This game has quickly become mighty popular as it has great winning odds as well as tax-free wins!

Minimum Jackpot

AUD$3 million

Record Jackpot

AUD$80 million


The first draw took place in May 1996. In March 2013 the 8th Division prize tier was introduced, offering prizes for matching a combination of just two numbers from the main pool and the Powerball number.
The largest Australia Powerball jackpot prize was AUD$80 million, which was won in July 2009 by two ticket-holders – one in Victoria, and the other in New South Wales.

You should know that when the game passes AUD$10 million, the jackpot increases in leaps of AUD$10 million or more, reaching high jackpots fast which makes it a top selection among lotto enthusiasts!

How To Play

You need to choose six numbers from 1 to 40 and one Powerball is drawn from 1 to 20 so you will have 7 numbers chosen in total.

Divisiones del Premio

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