Mega Millions
$ 150 000 000

What is Mega Millions?

America's biggest jackpot game is the highest ever paying lottery in the world with record jackpot of $656 million won on March 2012. Mega Millions is hosted in Atlanta, Georgia, started in 1996, and is currently played in 42 states.

Minimum Jackpot

$15 million

Record Jackpot

$656 million


Mega Millions is the lottery game with the highest jackpot prize in recorded history and it is known by that name since March of 2002. Before that Mega Millions was called "Big Game", the first draw took place in 1996 in six states only. As it grew in popularity rapidly, by 1998 the game moved from a weekly draw to a biweekly draw format. A year later, as a new state joined the lottery, the selection of numbers expanded, and players were given a "cash payout" option. By 2005, 12 states participated, which made it the largest national lottery game at the time. 2010 saw the integration of Mega Millions and Power Ball, adding 23 more states into the game. Today, the game spans 44 United States territories, 42 states, the Virgin Islands, and Washington D.C.

How To Play

You need to choose five numbers out of possible 75 and one additional "Mega Ball" number from a pool of 15. The jackpot winner needs to match all 6 numbers.

Prize Divisions

Match5 + 1PB5 + 0PB4 + 1PB4 + 0PB3 + 1PB2 + 1PB3 + 0PB1 + 1PB0 + 1PB
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