€ 88000000

What is EuroMillions?

The biggest and most exciting pan-European lottery with record jackpots, was first introduced in February 2004 in France and the UK, followed by Spain, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg, Portugal and Switzerland.

Minimum Jackpot

€15 million

Record Jackpot

€190 million


If you're looking for a chance to win at one of Europe's most exciting lottos then EuroMillions is your best bet! With a record jackpot totaling €190 million and 13 prize divisions per draw - including a jackpot that starts at a whopping €15 million - EuroMillions is definitely a not-to-be missed lotto experience. To add to the fun, the jackpot rolls over until there is a winner! EuroMillions offers 12 secondary prizes which can reach staggering amounts. If there is no jackpot winner in the draw that takes place immediately after the EuroMillions jackpot reaches its cap - now set at €190 million - the jackpot is divided among the secondary prizes. Odds of winning start at just 1:23, letting anyone become a winner at EuroMillions!

How To Play

EuroMillions is played by selecting five numbers out of a guess range of 50. In addition, two other numbers are picked from a guess range of 11 - these numbers are known as the 'Lucky Stars'. Lottosend provides its players with the option of manually choosing their numbers or using Lottosend Quickpick system to create randomly generated numbers. To win the EuroMillions jackpot, players must correctly guess the five regular numbers as well as the two Lucky Star numbers. Draws take place twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:00 GMT. Prizes are paid in lump sums and are free of tax in most participating countries (except in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal starting 2013). EuroMillions features a biannually EuroMillions Super Draw. The Super Draw starts at €100 million and continues to roll over until the prize is won.

Prize Divisions

Match5 + 2PB5 + 1PB5 + 0PB4 + 2PB4 + 1PB4 + 0PB3 + 2PB2 + 2PB3 + 1PB3 + 0PB1 + 2PB2 + 1PB2 + 0PB
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