€ 18 000 000

What is EuroJackpot?

EuroJackpot is one of the most modern, exciting lottery games out there, with huge prizes paid out on weekly Friday draws and odds that put its rivals to shame. With ever-increasing numbers of participants and more and more countries poised to join, EuroJackpot will make your biggest dreams come true!

Minimum Jackpot

€10 million

Record Jackpot

€90 million


EuroJackpot was created in November of 2011 in Amsterdam, by the official lottery representatives of the founding Eurojackpot members. These official representatives had gathered together to organize a new lottery that could replicate the success of the wildly popular EuroMillions lottery. Sales for EuroJackpot tickets began on March 17, 2012. Helsinki, Finland was designated as the location for its first draw on March 23 2012. The EuroJackpot Lottery was originally comprised of Germany, Finland, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy and the Netherlands, Spain, with Czech Republic and Estonia joining more recently.

How To Play

Winning the big prize in EuroJackpot is as easy as choosing five numbers from 1- 50, in addition to choosing 2 numbers from 1-10 from a separate guess range. There are 12 different winning categories. EuroJackpot also has a special clause whereby the jackpot can not accumulate more than €90 million.

Prize Divisions

Match5 + 2PB5 + 1PB5 + 0PB4 + 2PB4 + 1PB4 + 0PB3 + 2PB3 + 1PB3 + 0PB2 + 2PB2 + 1PB1 + 2PB
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