Mega-Millions $319 Million Jackpot Missed Because Worker “Wasn’t Feeling Lucky”

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He didn’t feel it was his lucky day & now he’s missed out on millions!

Have you ever felt so unlucky that you decided to pass on a lottery group game syndication at work only to find out you had missed out on the mega-millions jackpot? Well that’s exactly what happened to this guy, you won’t believe the story of how this regular worker took a pass on one the biggest mega-millions jackpot wins in history:

A state IT employee who was a regular in his office syndicate decided to take a pass on the mega-millions last month — only to learn that the seven of his positive-thinking co-workers struck it rich on a $319 million Mega-millions jackpot…not one the best lottery strategies we’ve heard!

Jill Cook, who with her husband Tom owns a restaurant in Albany where the lucky winners are lunchtime regulars said, “The word is that when they were going around the office asking who wanted in on the group game, one guy said no, that he wasn’t feeling lucky at the moment.”

“They even asked him again. They said, ‘Are you sure?’ and he said yes, he was going to pass on the gamble this time. I feel just awful for him,” Jill said.

The number of workers joining in the group game changed from week to week, depending on jackpot amount and how organized the co-workers got to round up the colleagues that were interested. The lottery strategies they used were based on the wheeling method.  The identity of the mystery loser that was feeling unlucky — who could have won  $16 million post-tax share under the mega-millions lump-sum option — was harder to find than some jackpot winners. We’re not surprised he hasn’t come forward to identify himself!

Cook said the staff from the state IT company came in for lunch most workdays — but haven’t been seen since beating the one-in-176-million odds in Friday’s Mega-millions drawing. Customers who know the winners told her they weren’t planning to return to their jobs — except to pass over unfinished business to their less lucky colleagues. They don’t need to work again now their mega-million-aires.

Mr. Plastiras, who is a spokesman from the company in question, confirmed that the winners did not come to work Monday but he couldn’t say if they showed up the next day. They had not officially resigned from their positions, but he wouldn’t be surprised if they did!

The winning workers have wanted to remain as anonymous as possible, but one surfaced just long enough to stake a claim to the mega-millions prize, state lottery officials said yesterday.

“The ticket has been claimed, once we check & confirm the tickets authenticity we’ll choose a date, place and time for a check presentation,” said mega-millions lottery spokeswoman Carolyn Hapeman. Lottery officials said that once they confirm the ticket and how many group game players are claiming, a news conference will be set up and the presentation will be made.

Most likely, Hapeman said, the winners are spending time with lawyers and accountants to tell them how best to deal with their new found uber wealth.

“99% of the people coming in winners do it that way these days, and $319 million is an unimaginable amount of money,” Hapeman said.


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