Woman Gives Away $43 Million Lottery Jackpot

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Do you really believe that winning the lottery will spoil you?

Well, yes, we have heard lots of stories when people change a lot, and not to the best, when they become reach. But as we know, there are exceptions in every rule. The following story is exception, for sure!

Woman, who won the Florida lottery and got $43 million, didn’t spend a dollar from her winning.

90 years old lottery winner

How it could be? A woman won $31,042,330 (its a sum of immediate payment she got). This incredible person is 90 years old, she is married and her name is Ruby Sorah. She doesn’t speak with mass-media a lot, she didn’t appear on TV, but she gave several interviews to local newspapers.

She told, that she is happy with her husband, who is the same age, as she. They have good relations and they live happy life, so there is nothing they want to change, so they decided, they don’t need money from the lottery jackpot.

All the winning was passed to family members. Journalists spoke to neighbors of elderly  couple and all of them agreed that Sorah and her husband are sweet, nice and friendly people. They are in good relations with milieu.

But still there are some discrepancy between neighbors about how they would deal with lottery winning. Of course, there is no one, who condemn the couple, but some people are not sure, that they could give all the money to someone.

The lucky lottery ticket was purchased in local grocery shop in Seminole.

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