Winning Lotto Ticket Dropped into Charity Bucket

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The Festive season is always spoken about as a time when people are more generous, giving and charitable. The following story goes a long way to supporting this argument as one lucky winner decided to donate his winning lotto ticket to a local charity that had a donation bucket outside his local shop.

The winner in question clearly didn’t want attention for his generous act and so decided to remain anonymous. The winning lotto ticket was so valuable that Major Leslie Walter of the Pennsylvania Salvation Army that organised the bucket collection wasn’t sure whether the lotto ticket was a genuine or a fake, saying, “I really had a hard time believing it.” It was then that a colleague of Major Walter suggested that you could check the legitimacy of the ticket by running it through the machine so see if it was a genuine or some cruel Christmas prank. After the third attempt to run the card through the machine and with the same result, Major Walter was elated to find out that this was indeed an act of great generosity by a local player – Tis the season indeed!

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PARK RIDGE, IL – DECEMBER 20: A donation is made into Salvation Army bell ringer Juanita Brown’s red Holiday donation kettle December in Park Ridge, Illinois. Since 1865, the Salvation Army has been helping the needy and every year close to 33 million people in the U.S. receive help from the Salvation Army. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Major Walter mentioned that the company has received lotto tickets in the past to the donation bucket, however these have always been for much smaller prizes such as $3 here and $10 there. There have even been some players that had given tickets for draws before the draw had taken place.  Although Major Walter was quick the remark that none of these lotto tickets had ever turned out to be winners and they would have been better off giving the dollar value instead.

Lotto Winnings, Charity & Tax Exemption:

What makes this story even more commendable is when speaking to Major Walter, he revealed the nature charity donations. With all charity donations being tax exempt it can often be a double-edged sword of charitable contribution where the person donating sees his or her donation as a win-win.

Not only are you able to give money to your desired charity in question, but you are also eligible and indeed, encouraged to add this to your annual business expenses where your charitable donation turns into a tax exempt payment. This is what makes the charity bucket donation even more extraordinary as it would have been fairly simple and straightforward for the winner in question to simply declare the winnings and then immediately donate the winnings to the Salvation Army.

It just goes to show that the incentive behind giving to charity can sometimes be solely in the act itself. By remaining anonymous this lucky and generous resident of Eire, Pennsylvania has achieved the highest form of charity when the recipient does not know who the person that donated is.


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