Winning Lottery Ticket in Liverpool goes Unclaimed

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Lottery ticket

On November 22, 2014 there was a Lotto raffle code drawn that had a £1 million jackpot prize due to the 20th anniversary of the National Lottery, but to date this prize has gone unclaimed.

The winning ticket was bought in Liverpool and the lucky winner now has less than a week to claim their prize!

Time is quickly running out for the £1 million to be claimed. Whoever did buy the ticket has until Thursday, May 21 to claim the winnings.

Here is what we know about the ticket so far:

  • The National Lottery will only confirm that the ticket was bought in Liverpool, but they won’t say what shop it was purchased in
  • The ticket has the Lotto raffle code TEAL 38616313

Out of the 20 Lotto raffle codes generated in the draw last November, the ticket bought in Liverpool contained the winning code. As you may be aware, the prize for this particular draw is normally £20,000, but in this occasion the prizes were £1 million in order to mark the 20th anniversary of the National Lottery.

As you would expect, the representatives from Camelot are eager to find the lucky winners. They have suggested that all people who bought a ticket, or thought that they may have bought a ticket, to thoroughly check their homes, pockets and bags to find the winning ticket.

£20,000 has the power to change your life but a prize of £1 million could drastically improve the situation of one lucky person. If you are the winner and are reading this right now you need to call the National Lottery helpline on 0845 910 0000 immediately.

If no one comes forward the prize money and all the interest it has accrued will be donated to National Lottery-funded projects in the UK.

The Liverpool Echo has published a list of the different events that were taking place in Liverpool on Saturday November 22 in 2014 in order to jog the memory of anyone who bought a ticket that day. Some of the events include Dave Gorman performing at the Philharmonic Hall and the match between West Ham and Everton at Goodison.

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