When Lottery Wins Go Wrong

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We all ask ourselves what we would do if we won the lottery jackpot. Some people decide to be selfless, giving their winning away to friends, family and charities. Others would see it as an opportunity to sort out their financial problems, or a chance to take a much needed holiday. Although winning the lottery may seem like a solution to all your problems, sometimes the big win can go very wrong.

Lottery Win

Recently a man in China showed his true colors to the world. Immediately after he won the jackpot (which was around £464,000) he decided on a big life change. His first thought was not of charity and most definitely not for his family because he immediately filed for a divorce from his wife.

He pushed the divorce through as quickly as he could whilst keeping his big win a secret. He did this successfully and managed to become a single man in time before his deadline to cash in his winning ticket. Once his ticket was cashed, the greedy winner collected his winnings and set about enjoying his fortune, but the story does not end there.

It was not long until his ex-wife heard some rumors about his big win. All of the news suddenly came out of the woodwork. Curious to know how he had spontaneously won a huge sum of money she decided to investigate. She soon discovered the whole truth, that he had won the lottery whilst they were together and divorced her so he didn’t have to share his winnings. Therefore carrying on to enjoy his life as a rich, single male. Rightfully, she was extremely angry and was not going to let him get away with it that easily.

The lady found herself a lawyer who believed she actually had a case against the greedy man. The offer of a settlement was rejected and the case went to court in front of a judge. The court favored the side of the lady because, although the man was single when he cashed his ticket, he was still marred when he brought the winning ticket. The law states that during a divorce, “all wealth and property must be split equally.” The judge deemed the ticket to be property and therefore should have been split between the couple. The Judge declared the man hand over £151,000 which was just under 33% of his winnings.

Many now believe it was the lady who won the jackpot because not only did she win a life changing amount of money, but she also got rid of a man who was obviously not worthy of her love. As the saying goes, it was a win-win situation.

This is not the only recent lottery win to show the true nature of some people. An elderly man from Birmingham had his home burgled by someone he knew from his local pub after they heard rumors he had a winning ticket in his house. However the only thing the burglar got was a 16 month jail sentence as he was caught in the act. He was also left feeling pretty silly when he found out the winning ticket was a myth after all.

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  1. If I won, I would buy a four bedroom, four bathroom house, pay off my current student loans, go back to college for a more sensible degree, buy a car, and put a lot of it in trust for my brother. We’d take a two week vacation to New York City. Finally, I would get artificially inseminated or adopt a child. Once I did all that, the rest would be put in a savings account and we’d live off the interest for the rest of our lives.

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