What Are You Dreaming For This Christmas?

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Christmas is the perfect time to host a giveaway. Many people are left strapped for cash after the holidays due to spending on presents and parties. Therefore it is no wonder that so many people enter the largest lottery in the world. Not only does this lottery giveaway a huge 2.24 billion euros, but it also gives people more chances than ever before to win. In fact, the odds are just 1 in 100,000 to win the top prize, with many other prizes to give away. So what is this amazing lottery? It’s the Loteria de Navidad!

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What is the Loteria de Navidad?

Loteria de Navidad, also known as the Spanish Christmas Lottery, is an annual Spanish national lottery is organised every year that has been running since 1812. This makes it the second longest continuously running lottery in the world! The Loteria de Navidad isn’t just for Spanish locals, entrants come from all over the world to enter this amazing lottery. What attracts people to this lottery is that there are exceptionally high odds of winning an the number of prizes that are awarded.

How is the winner drawn in this lottery?

In the Loteria de Navidad, there are two drums used for the raffle. One ball has the 100,000 of 5 digit numbers and the other has the 15,304 prizes. Organizers then pull a 5 digit number from the first drum, then they pull a prize from the second drum. Due to the huge number of prizes, the raffle actually takes about three hours! It is a massive event that many Spanish and International people tune into every year, hoping that they get a prize.

What are the odds of winning then?

The gambler in you may be wondering what the actual chances of winning are, take a look at the breakdown below:

  • There are 100,000 combinations of 5 digits from 00000-99999 that are printed in advance on the tickets. Those are referred to simply as “Number” (Ex. 10001, 10002 etc.)
  • Each number is printed 10 times on each ticket and is available for purchase as a “Share” or “Decimo” or “Fraccion”. These are identical numbers that contain a different and unique identifying barcode printed on them. 10 Shares are a “Ticket” or “Billete”
  • Tickets are printed many times over in unique series (6a, 138b, 52c etc.) which is marked on them and appears in the barcode as well.
  • 100,000 Numbers X 160 Tickets X 10 Shares each = 160 million shares available for the taking.”

How do you enter the Loteria De Navidad?

You don’t have to take a trip to Spain to enter the Loteria de Navidad, you can play online with us today! Once you register you can buy as many shares as you want. As well as the convenience of playing online, you know that you never have to worry about losing your ticket!

What would you do if you won a share in the Loteria de Navidad? Tells us on Twitter at @lottosend.

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