Want to Keep Up With Upcoming Lottery Jackpots? Nov 29, 2014

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latest-jackpotsDo you want to keep up with the upcoming jackpots for some of the biggest and most popular lotteries around the world?

If you love to play lotto games, part of the excitement probably comes from seeing those big jackpot numbers and just imagining how it would feel to win.

This is only one of the things that keeps lottery players playing….and winning.

In a way, you might consider it part of your strategy to keep abreast of upcoming jackpots in case you prefer to buy most of your tickets on the lottery games with the biggest current jackpots.

Upcoming Lottery Jackpots

Here are 7 upcoming jackpots from well loved lotteries world wide:

1. Eurojackpot: The next EuroJackpot Lottery drawing is scheduled for the Friday, December 5th with an expected jackpot of €57 million.

2. EuroMiliony: The next scheduled drawing for the EuroMiliony lotto game is set for Tuesday, December 2nd with a jackpot of at least €1.090.610 million.

3. EuroMillions: The next EuroMillions draw is scheduled for Tuesday, December 2nd with an estimated jackpot of €72 million.

4. MegaMillions: The MegaMillions lottery game has a draw set for Tuesday, December 2nd. The amount of the jackpot will be based on whether or not there was a jackpot winner in the November 25th drawing. If not, it will be in excess of $61 million.

5. PowerBall: The next scheduled drawing for the so popular U.S. PowerBall lottery is set for Saturday, November 29th with an estimated jackpot of $90 million.

6. SuperEnaLotto: The SuperEnaLotto lottery has an upcoming jackpot of is €12,800 for the draw scheduled for Tuesday, December 2nd.

7. SuperLotto Plus: The next scheduled draw for SuperLotto Plus, a California lotto game, is set for on Saturday, November 29th with an estimated jackpot of $18 million.

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