Ukraine Super Loto, Played By Millions Each Week Worldwide

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UNL or Ukraine National lottery is the establishment that produces millionaires in the state. It has the role of conducting Ukrainian Super Ltd two times each week. The lotto is among the firm’s most outstanding games.

This lotto that has a very promising name was set up in 2001. Up to now, it rates as the most famous Ukrainian lottery game. A fascinating fact worth noting is to remember that the first game structure was different.

In 2008, UNL presented the initial matrix of 6 out of 52 that is still being utilized today.

Its minimum jackpot provides a guaranteed 3 million hryvnia (0.11 million dollars, making this game attractive to many; in Ukraine and overseas. It also has an extremely low ticket cost, which is another bonus.

Features and History of Ukraine Super Lotto

Super Loto offers a genuine chance to win some money. It is run by a national entity and is totally regulated. You do not need to be concerned about anything and the low-ticket cost offers an extra motivation for you to give the lotto a try.

UNL set it up in 1997 with the sole aim of organizing and carrying out lottery games in Ukraine. It belongs to World Lottery Association; this is an establishment that sets some ideal practices in the sector and adheres to them.

In 1997, UNL started its initial game that was known as National Lottery. It followed a format of 6 out of 39 and the game had its last drawing in 2001. This happened when UNL declared the start of Super Lotto. UNL arranges a great variety of games other than Super Loto. Its portfolio is inclusive of Lotto Maxima, Keno, Second Luck and Second Luck.

Ukraine Super Loto

How is Ukrain Super Loto Played?

To manage to play Ukraine Super Loto and have an opportunity of hitting the jackpot, you need to select 6 digits from a pool of 52. The price of one ticket is 8 UAH (about 0.3 US dollars). Draws occur twice each week, on Wednesday and Saturday.

To become a prizewinner, players should match a minimum of 2 digits from the drawn 6. Six prize tiers are available and obviously, a larger set of digits that you match for the particular drawing means the amount you shall win will be bigger.

Prizes and Odds

A set of 52 digits is available to select from. The odds of becoming a huge jackpot winner are 1 in 20.358 million. A minimum guaranteed jackpot is available, which signifies that you shall be some millions richer, despite the outcomes during the earlier drawing.

A jackpot winner is not available for the particular drawing, the sum shall roll over to the following one.  This is the reason Ukraine Super Lotto presents some very awesome jackpots sometimes.

The hugest jackpot of all times occurred on 14 April 2007. The amount had reached 15.2 million hryvnia (0.57 million US dollars). Another huge jackpot was won in 2012. The amount went up to 14.128 million hryvnia.

Other than the jackpot, Super Loto presents two more fine prizes. The 2nd prize tier offers a financial award for the players who match 5 digits. The odds of this occurring are 1 in 73,763. The prize normally offers around 51,590 UAH.

Four accurate digits provide a prize of 773 UAH (1 in 1,311 odds), three accurate digits offer a prize of 28 UAH and the minimum prize is 10 UAH.

Ukraine Super Loto Winners

Ukraine Super Loto is accessible to players from each section of the globe; however, the regulations are a lot similar for all the winners. 500 UAH prizes or lower can be claimed from any authorized retailer. A prize that is more than 25,000 UAH can be claimed only from the UNL headquarters.

In case you are a global player who has become a winner of the jackpot or another huge sum, you shall need to organize a trip to Ukraine so as to claim.

Players have 180 days from the draw date to claim a prize. All the amounts won are paid out as a cash lump amount. Each player should remember that a personal income tax (PIT) also applies to prizes of lottery.

A typical tax of 15% applies to salaries; however, the percentage that applies to prizes of lottery differs. Normally, the tax band, which applies is 19.5%. In case you play internationally, it may be necessary for you to pay an income tax in the country you live. Consult a lawyer to find out what percentage of the amount you have won from Super Loto will be subtracted.

Buying Super Loto Tickets Online

Each person has the opportunity to give Ukraine Super Loto a try, despite nationality. International players have numerous simple and convenient options for purchasing tickets to select from.

It is possible to buy tickets online via lottery agents who are web based. These websites have the role of purchasing tickets for their clients. You just need to select your digits and submit a payment. A ticket shall be purchased for the particular drawing, offering you an opportunity to take part in the lottery.

Conclusion about Super Lotto Ukraine

Super Loto presents a wonderful game. It is genuine and is managed by national laws. The price of the ticket is very low compared to what is provided by other international lotteries. Below are some benefits you will enjoy:


  • The game is arranged by an entity, which is managed by the state, which promises legitimacy and fairness.
  • A minimum guaranteed jackpot exists and if there is no winner, the jackpot rolls over.
  • The cost of the ticket is very low, compared to the cost of taking part in other national lotteries.
  • The winning odds of any prize are huge.
  • Each of the prizes is paid out as a kind of cash lump sum.
  • Ukraine Super Lotto is available to international players.
  • Some of the money produced via ticket sales is utilized to support charitable projects in the state.

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