#1 Ukrainian Lottery Game, The Ukraine Megalot – How To Play UA Mega Lotto

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megalotIn Ukraine, Wednesday and Saturday are believed to be lucky days. This is because on these days of the week the Megalot drawings are held. Megalot is the hugest and most famous lottery in the state. The cost of the ticket is extremely affordable and very nice jackpots are available, although they are not huge. Ukraine’s Megalot is certainly a game that is worth a try.

Ukraine Mega Lotto

Background of Ukraine Megalot

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Megalot presents the hugest game in the state. Its history goes back to 2001 when MelodSportLoto or MSL established it. This is an official lottery company in Ukraine, which is controlled completely by the country.

From the time it was formed, the game has adhered to the format that it is presently known for. It utilizes a double matrix – a pool of key digits and a bonus digit pool. These two are needed to establish the winning number combination for the jackpot’s drawing.

Is Megalot Genuine?

Megalot is authentic. It is the hugest lottery that is played in Ukraine. Two reliable online lottery agents offer it also. You can engage in playing Megalot boldly and without being concerned about monetary losses.

As mentioned earlier, the game is incorporated into the MSL range. MSL was set up more than four decades back. MSL became a European State Lotteries member in 1993. The organization’s objective is to promise unbiased practices and transparency.

The portfolio of MSL has a variety of other famous games. Other than Megaloto, the organization offers SportPrognoz, Sportliga, Terminal, Tip Top and a game known as Race for Money.

Aside from being in charge of sharing the prize money among the winners, the work of MSL is to support charitable causes as well. Some of the cash obtained through selling tickets is used in the state budget. This money is utilized to fund charitable causes and needy individuals.

How Ukraine Megalot is played

Similar to other games that have the double matrix standard, for this one, you need to select main digits as well as a bonus one. For an opportunity to become a jackpot winner, choose 6 digits from a variety of 1-42 and another digit from 0-9.

The structure of the game facilitates the choosing of multiple bonus digits for extra payment. It is clear that selecting this option raises the jackpot’s winning odds.

Other than directly affecting winning of the jackpot, the bonus digit is utilized to establish the 3, 5 and 7 prize tier winners also. The cost of one ticket is 5 UAH, which is around 0.2 dollars. The price of any extra bonus digit that is included in the ticket is 1 UAH. Obviously, this is a small cost to pay for an improved winning chance.

Odds and Prizes for Megalot

Other than the Jackpot, Megalot has seven extra prize tiers. The hugest award jackpot is shared among each of the people who have the 6 key digits and the bonus digit correct. In this game, it is referred to as Mega Jackpot and the winning odds are 1 in 52,457,860.

In case no winner is present for the respective drawing, there will be a rollover of the jackpot. As of August 2016, it had gone up to an excess of 10 million UAH.

The hugest jackpot which Ukraine Megalot has ever presented is 15 million UAH, which is around 0.59 million dollars. This quantity was won in 2014 on 8th October. There was one winner from Berdychiv.

Individuals who possess 5 accurate digits and the bonus digit shall be eligible for the third prize tier.  Odds are 1 in 242,860. Depending on how many tickets and winners are available, the prize can increase to 10,000 UAH.The 2nd prize tier is for individuals who have been able to match 6 digits. The odds of this occurrence are 1 in 5,828,651. The amount changes every time and it is determined by how many tickets are purchased as well as the number of winners. Normally, the sum is 3.5 million UAH.

Players who guess five digits shall win 5,000-20,000 UAH, four digits – 150 TO 350 UAH and three digits, 20 – 40 UAH. Huge variations like these are likely due to the variations in the number of tickets traded (the prize pool) and how many winners are present in each drawing.

Extra Tips and Helpful Data for Winners

The drawings occur twice each week on Wednesday and Saturday. The winning digits are revealed almost instantly through the website of Ukraine Megalot. Online lottery agencies also announce the numbers.

Each of the prizes, such as the jackpot is paid out in one cash lump sum. Until the other day, Ukraine had a very unfair taxation technique that signified that one winner would experience local taxes many times.

Fortunately, new taxation regulation was passed at the end of 2015, whose impact on the lottery sector is positive, in the state. Retailers who are authorized and licensed pay out prizes of lower than 10,000 UAH.

For greater quantities of cash, you shall need to go to MSL regional offices and make a claim. Claiming of prizes should be done within 180 days from the drawing date.

Can Ukraine Megalot be played online?

It is possible to play Megalot online and numerous web-based agencies are present, which provide tickets. The agencies provide local representatives whose role is to purchase tickets for clients. After you buy and place the order, normally, you shall obtain a duplicate of your bought ticket by email as verification.

Conclusion about Megalot Ukraine

Ukraine’s Megalot offers a genuine winning opportunity. It does not provide jackpots that are characteristic for some of the most popular international lotteries; this lottery has two wonderful features:


It is accessible to international players and two drawings are held every week. The cost of the ticket is not much, even if you opt for a huger group of digits.

In case no winner is present for the corresponding drawing, jackpots roll. Payment of the jackpot is done once as a cash lump sum.

A bonus digit needs to be selected and it affects some prize tiers. Eight prize tiers are present and the second prize tier is very impressive also.

Megalot is a certified game that is planned by an entity that is government-regulated. Some of the cash produced through selling tickets is used to support charitable causes.

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