Why UK49s is Betting and Not Traditional Lottery

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UK49’s presents a different lotto draw. Of late, it has risen in popularity among lotto fans, both online and offline. Where UK49’s is concerned, the most attractive feature of UK49’s is that you have control. This means that the players are able to make a choice on how much they desire to play. Its setup is different from many of the lotteries available. This raffle takes place in the United Kingdom and today can be played online from anywhere in the world even by non-UK residents!

Features of UK49s


The 49s UK Lotto Ltd is a company for lottery found in London, UK. It operates Irish Lotto Bet, 49’s draw, Rapido, Irish Lotto Bet as well as greyhound and virtual horse racing.

The organization was launched in 1996 in reaction to established national lottery started in the same year in the UK. 49’s Limited gets its funds from LBO’s.

When and How to Play 49’s UK Lotto

This game is operated by 49’s Limited. The draw presents a lottery and it occurs two times in a day.

  • Draw 1: this is held at 12:49 (noon) and this draw is called lunchtime draw.
  • Draw 2: this occurs at 17:49 pm – this draw is referred to as teatime draw.

In each draw, six numbers and one “booster ball” are drawn from the numbers 1 to 49.

This lottery can be played through major betting offices.

Another game called 49s lotto raffle has been started where you can select a color and 8 numbers that match 12 numbers so as to win £20,000.

You Can now Play UK 49s Online

UK49s Online

It is possible to play UK49 WIN online. This signifies that online players can attempt to win the jackpot or other prizes. There are two ways of playing, using a loaded account or direct debit.

When using a loaded account to play, this entails funds being deposited into the account of the player and she/he utilizes them to play. In case winners win, the National Lottery informs them through email, apart from when there are Instant Wins. In this case, the winnings are directly transferred to their accounts.

When players use direct debit to play, this signifies that they can sign up by presenting details of their bank account. Their numbers are then automatically entered. The National Lottery informs winners through email.

You can Play UK49s From Abroad!

How UK49’s Differs from Other Lotteries

UK49s Facts

For instance, in a standard lotto draw like Australian Oz Lotto and the US Powerball, a fixed cost is available for a ticket and the sum of the jackpot is a percentage of revenue from ticket sales, which is pre-determined.

This is not the case in UK49’s where odds are pre-determined for every likely result. As the player, you determine the amount of money you want to bet on the outcome.

If you choose to bet $20 on the single ball that will emerge in the outcomes and it does, you become a winner of 6x your stake or $120 given in this illustration. This greatly varies from standard lotto draws and has proven very famous.

Players enjoy being in control. When individuals see tens of millions of lotto odds this makes them think it is neither possible nor practical, that they will acquire any returns on the investments they have made.

But, UK49’s changes this totally. If you do not believe that you shall match each of the 5 numbers, this should not worry you. Just select a lot of numbers that you think you are going to match!

These can be between 1-5. If you desire more control, after you determine how fortunate you are feeling and the number of UK49’s balls that you desire to play, you can decide the quantity of cash you want to bet on this result coming true. Normally, limits of $50, $100 or at times $500 are available; this is determined by where you want to play.

The Number of UK49’s Draws

UK49s drawsAnother element, which makes UK49’s lotto, an exceptional lottery is that it occurs two times each day. You are able to play UK49’s in the morning and if you are experiencing a lucky feeling, you can play it in the evening also.

It is simple to understand why this feature is famous. Research indicates the most common frustration that keen lotto players go through is that there lacks sufficient frequency of draws.

For instance, if you play Oz Lotto, you get one draw each week. The great difference here is that UK49’s shall have similar number of draws in a weekend as Oz Lotto shall have in one month!

Play UK49’s From Any Place (Evn if You are a Non-UK Citizen)

This lottery is customized for the online world.  The Internet has offered an environment where it is a requirement for the client to get instant satisfaction.

The development of an on-demand way of life greatly matches the UK49 WIN method.

It is not surprising that this is the reason it is among the quickest developing draws available and the most famous.

Playing Number 49s Hotpicks

UK49s hotpicksIt is simple to play and win number 49s hot picks. Firstly, you need to be aware that every selection is summed up from the earlier draw. Therefore, for you who reside in other countries apart from the UK, you might just manage to play selections for lunchtime.

Selections for lunchtime are summed up and availed at around 5pm the day prior to the play. Teatime selections are provided at about 1pm GMT on the day of play. As calculations for the selections are done on the earlier draw, it is not possible for teatime selections to be presented earlier.

Every selection has four numbers and every number is a personal bet. Therefore, each of the four numbers in the 49s hotpicks are four single bets. You simply place every single number as one bet to be drawn at regular odds of 6:5: or 1. The best odds make these figures a lot more profitable.

Another rule you can use for this system is that in case you have 5 continuous losing bets, you can begin again at number 1 in your staking plan. This means you can regard it as a complete loss and commence from the start with your stake amount.

This does not happen often, but it happens!

Want to see the latest UK49s Results? Yes I do!

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