Just Ask Lolly and Polly: What Makes UK Thunderball Such An Amazing Lotto Game?

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Best Friends Lolly and Polly share £15.3 Millions Thunderball Lotto Jackpot Prize

Best Friends Lolly and Polly share £15.3 Millions Thunderball Lotto Jackpot Prize

UK Thunderball

Purchase Official UK Thunderball Tickets Online

Purchase Official UK Thunderball Tickets Online

The UK Thunderball can appropriately be described as cute! This little lottery is lovely and it can be played often with better odds, compared to the huge lotteries. Camelot, who is an expert in running the lottery, runs this lottery.

However, do not search for mega jackpots here; but in case you just want to become a winner, this is a great lottery to engage in.

Background of UK Thunderball

The initial Thunderball draw took place in 1999, on 12th June. The official days for the draw were each Wednesday and Saturday. Drawing of Thunderball was made using numbers ranging from 1-34 and £250,000 was the pot money. No prize was available for just hitting the Thunderball number.

On 9th May 2010, Thunderball Lottery rules were changed. From that day to now, the management had included Friday to the draw days, turning it to thrice a week. The drawing for the number matches is done between 1-39. This game’s jackpot prize is currently £500,000. Solely matching the Thunderball also provides a prize of £3.

Apart from buying a Thunderball ticket from authorized stores, it can also be bought using many methods. Players are able to play online by setting up a National Lottery Account on the official website of National Lottery. Players can also play via text by just registering their mobile number.

Wonderful Odds

UK Thunderball entails selecting five digits from 1-39 and a single ‘Thunderball’ from the digits 1-14. When each of the six digits is matched, the jackpot is won thrice each week, on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Becoming UK Thunderball Winner

This little lottery is made so nice as it features 9 levels of prizes that are paid out by simply guessing the ‘Thunderball’ and becoming the winner of £3. The jackpot carries £500,000 for every draw with an overall prize amount of £800,000 thrice each week. It is vital also to take note that each prize is paid out in a lump amount and is tax-free.

UK Thunderball & Camelot

The UK Thunderball presents a National Lottery in the UK that is state franchised and Isle of Man, run by the Camelot Group. Half of the cash paid in is allocated to prizes.

12% is allocated to the UK Government. 5% is given as commission to retailers. 4.5% is collected by Camelot to run the lottery and 5% profits. National Lottery Commission implements these percentages.

Who qualifies to Play UK Thunderball

Players need to be 16 years or more, to play UK Thunderball. However, in case you are playing online, rules and regulations apply, in regard to your particular location.

Rules connected to foreigners are not so clear. The retailer rules do not exempt foreign players, even though they state the individual buying the ticket should be a UK resident.

When you play through the Camelot official site, a player should have a bank account in the UK or have a resident address in Isle of Man, or be physically available in Isle of Man or UK when buying the ticket. Ensure you utilize a reliable concierge lottery service if you want to play online.

Official UK Thunderball Scanned Tickets

Official UK Thunderball Scanned Tickets

Playing Thunderball

The draw for Thunderball Lotto occurs three times each week; on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sunday. The cost of each of the lines is £1 each. Seven of them can be included in one payslip, either picked as a Lucky Dip or manually.

There are five digits to be selected from every line in this game. Four of them are the standard ones and then Thunderball, which is extremely important.

Five digits are present to be selected from every line in this game. The four standard digits can range between 1-39. The mechanism of the game is formed in a method where players will possibly obtain the Thunderball, compared to any other digit. Thereafter, they included large jackpots on the last digit, making this lotto appealing to play.

Players can purchase even up to 10 tickets in any single transaction; they can save their order as well. When buying tickets players can choose the number of weeks they desire these digits to be in play for, or simply create a consistent charge each week.

It is ideal for people who always rush to the closest lotto retailer. The tickets can be purchased prior to 7.30pm every Wednesday and prior to 9 pm for the draws falling on weekends.

The game ticket has a timer to inform players about the length of time they have to finalize their transaction. This is useful in case you are pressed for time. If you do not have enough time for playing, you can utilize their mobile app also, which simplifies the procedure even more.

Payouts for Thunderball

In regard to the amount that you win in the Thunderball game, the Thunderball is the determining element and it can have a great impact. The game’s maximum jackpot is £500K; however, this can just be won with each of the five digits as well as the Thunderball.

Thunderball is very vital since just five digits will reduce the prize to £5k. However, it is simpler to attain, since there is a pool of Thunderball digits that is much smaller, compared to the standard digits.

When Thunderball is not present, players shall be given £100 instead. Therefore, it is vital to be aware of the amount you win. As the digits reduce, the jackpots reduce too, until you become the winner of £3 just from the Thunderball. This plays a vital role in the number of times you win, since 50% of all tickets for Thunderball win something.

Tips to Win UK Thunderball

Avoid getting loans from people so as to purchase your lottery ticket. Always use your money to buy the tickets. It is advisable to avoid getting into debt, as it is not guaranteed that you will win. Also, in case you become the winner, you may need to divide your winnings with the rightful owner since they paid for the ticket..

It is vital not to lose hope after making just one attempt in this game. Ensure you have an optimistic attitude and continue playing and purchasing lottery tickets.

Purchase many lottery tickets as this raises your winning odds for the jackpot. Your winning chances for the lottery jackpot increase as you purchase more tickets. A single lottery ticket presents very low odds.

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