November 21, 2018 – All That You Need to Know About UK Lotto Upcoming Changes

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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UK remains one of the hottest lottery markets after the US. If you want to try something other than Powerball and Mega Millions, UK lotteries are the best alternatives. These lotteries have huge jackpots and they make multiple millionaires every week. While there are many huge lotteries in the UK, one of the best ones is UK Lotto. It is one of the lotteries that has gone through many changes and is still going through some. The changes often take place in lotteries when they become famous and more people start to take part in them.

It won’t be wrong to say that lotteries like EuroMillions and EuroJackpot often take away the limelight from UK Lotto. There is no doubt that those two are some huge lotteries with jackpots that can get close to 100 million Euros pretty soon. However, UK Lotto is a lottery with some great chances for you to win. Its odds are not as high as those of other two big lotteries, and thus offering you better chances of winning. The best thing about this lottery is that its drawings take place twice a week and there are multiple people walking away with millions of pounds every week. Let’s get into the details of UK Lotto.

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About UK Lotto

If you search for it online, you will often find websites calling it The National Lottery. That was the name of this lottery when it was launched nearly three decades ago in 1994. The first drawing of this lottery took place on November 19 of that year. When the lottery started, its drawings took place only on Saturdays. The Wednesday draw was added later in 1997. It was the 5th of February in 1997 when the first Wednesday draw of UK Lotto took place. At that time, the biggest UK Lotto jackpot ever won was £42 million. There were three people who won this jackpot. At the end of the day, three different people in the UK returned home millionaires. Each of this winner got £14 in his/her account that day.

As stated earlier, the lottery was called The National Lottery when it started. The name change to UK Lotto took place in 2002. Since its launch, the lottery has been becoming more and more popular with the number of rollovers also increasing just seven years ago. It is safe to say that 2015 was the most important year in the history of UK Lotto because of the huge changes that took place in that year. This was the year when UK Millionaire Raffle arrived, which meant that there was going to be a guaranteed winner of £1 million on every draw. At the same time, the players now had to pick their numbers from a range of 1 to 59, which was 1 to 49 before this change.

How to Play UK Lotto

As per the new rules that took effect in 2019, you now have to pick six numbers from 1 to 59. You can become the next millionaire if you are able to match these six numbers – it is as simple as that. However, when you look at the draws, you will find out that they draw a seventh bonus ball as well. This bonus number does not affect the jackpot in any way. The only winner who can benefit from this number is the second tier winner. Matching only five numbers and the bonus ball can boost the prize money of this player big time. In fact, the prize money for matching five balls plus the bonus numbers can be 50 times greater than the prize money of the player who matches five balls but misses the bonus ball.

You have six different ways to win any prize while playing UK Lotto. The last prize is won by the player who matches only two regular numbers. Keep in mind that the bonus ball does not work with any other prize tier other than the second one. At the time of marking your numbers on the play slip, you don’t have to pick the seventh number. When you match only the five numbers, the number that does not match can be the bonus number and win you up to £50,000. The draws of UK Lotto take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

An important thing to learn when you pick the UK Lotto numbers is the colors. There are different color codes assigned to different sets of numbers within the 1 to 59 range. Here is what the colors represent.

  • White represents numbers from 1 to 9
  • Blue represents numbers from 10 to 19
  • Pink represents numbers from 20 to 29
  • Green represents numbers from 30 to 39
  • Yellow represents numbers from 40 to 49
  • ‘Purple represents numbers from 50 to 59

These numbers can make it easy for you to know which numbers appear in the UK Lotto drawing results the most. As of the moment, numbers within the purple color range have been the most frequently appearing ones when you analyze the data from 2015 to 2018.

While the jackpot rolls over when there is no winner of the jackpot, there is still a cap on how big the jackpot can get. Right now, the jackpot has a cap of £50 million. When the rollovers have caused the jackpot to reach this point, the next draw has to have a winner. Usually, after nine rollovers, the jackpot reaches this mark. The good thing is that the cap limit has been reached several times since it came into effect.

The Millionaire Raffle

One of the unique features of UK Lotto is the Lotto Millionaire Raffle. With this raffle, players have even more chances of winning even more prizes. There is nothing wrong with having some more millionaires in the world and changing the lives of some more people. The raffle code is denoted by different color names and these guaranteed players win huge prizes with every drawing. From the 21 winners, one winner takes home a guaranteed £1 million. The remaining 20 players get £20,000 each. What this means is that even if the jackpot rolls over, you still have two guaranteed millionaires as a result of the Lotto Millionaire Raffle.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the code for the millionaire raffle is generated automatically. No player can ever pick this code on his/her own. Yet again, UK Lotto proves to be a very unique lottery with this particular feature. The code consists not only of numbers but a color code as well. The color code will always be a four letter word e.g. Ruby, Pink, Blue, Aqua, Plum, Grey, Gold, etc. The total number of colors that can appear in the millionaire code is 12. Right after the color code, there is another number that consists of eight digits. You have to match the complete code and number to win million pounds and the £20,000 prizes.

The Big Upcoming UK Lotto Changes

As stated earlier, UK Lotto remains one of the lotteries wherein a lot of changes in the rules have taken place so far. You will be surprised to know that some big changes are coming once again.

From the draw that takes place on November 21, these effects will be in operation. The biggest motive behind the upcoming changes is to increase the frequency of how many times the jackpot is won in a year. There will be no changes to the range of numbers you have to choose the balls from. The jackpot will still be won by matching six balls.

If the jackpot is won on a Wednesday draw and starts anew on Saturday, the starting value of the jackpot will be £3.2 million. However, the jackpot will be £2 million if it starts on a Wednesday. The frequency of winnings will increase because this time there will be no cap on the size of the jackpot. Instead, the new restriction will be on the number of rollovers. According to the new rules, the jackpot will not roll over for more than five times. Once it has rolled over that many times, it has to be won and distributed whatever happens.

The distribution of the jackpot after the fifth rollover might be a little confusing for the players because of the new rules. Here is what you have to understand. After the fifth rollover, the jackpot will be distributed even if there is no jackpot winner. The winner of that money will be players who are in the match 3 upwards category. What that means is that if there is no jackpot winner but there is only one second tier winner who has matched five balls plus the bonus balls, this player will take home the jackpot.

When a regular draw takes place after the changes have taken place, there will some huge prizes waiting for the players. For example, other than the jackpot winner, even the player who matches five numbers plus the bonus ball will be able to win £1 million. At the moment, the person who matches five balls and the bonus ball only wins £50,000. In a similar manner, people matching only on five balls will be able to win £1,750. In short, the prize money for each category will go up. However, what might be a little disappointing for some players is that the millionaire raffle will go away.

Play UK Lotto Online

Play UK Lotto Online

Tips to Increase the Chances of Winning UK Lotto

It does not matter which lottery you are participating in, some methods of boosting your chances of winning remain the same. They remain the same for UK Lotto as well. As you might already know, the best way to have more chances of winning is to buy more tickets. With more tickets, you are reducing the odds of not winning. The best thing is that UK Lotto gives you some additional chances of boosting your winning probability. Take the hint from the jackpot size difference on Saturdays and Wednesday. As stated earlier, the jackpot size is £2 million when it starts on Wednesday and £3.2 million when it starts on Saturday.

What that means is that you have better chances of winning the jackpot when you buy your tickets for the Wednesday jackpot. In addition to that, you can also do some research online based on the number codes that are assigned to the lottery numbers you pick on the play slips. According to the latest data, numbers in the purple color category i.e. 50 to 59, are appearing in the draw results most frequently. According to the data since 2015, the coldest category of numbers is 1 to 9, which is white. So, if you want to have more chances of winning, you should pick numbers from the purple category.

When it comes to the color frequency in the millionaire raffle for £20,000 winning category, Jade remains the most commonly picked color. The next most commonly appearing color for the winners of £20,000 in the millionaire raffle category is Rose. The color code that has appeared the least number of times is Pink. Now for the big winner of £1 million in the Millionaire raffle. The luckiest code that can win you the £1 million guaranteed prize before it vanishes on November 21 is Blue. The next most frequent color helping people win £1 million is Teal.

Final Thoughts

It is up to you to try your luck in the millionaire raffle and the current prize categories before the changes take place or buy your first ticket after the changes. The most important thing here is to trust your fortune and go for the big win. Choosing the right platform should be your first step and Lottosend is there to provide you with a memorable experience of purchasing your first UK Lotto ticket online. It does not matter which part of the world you are in, you can now win jackpots and become a millionaire by taking part in lotteries online. So, make up your mind to buy your first ticket and some plans about how you will spend the money if you end up winning the jackpot and let Lottosend be your partner in taking this first step.

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