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Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus

Even if you don’t know much about Trinidad and Tobago, if you are interested in lotteries, chances are that you have heard about a cool little lottery called Lotto Plus. Boasting two drawings every week and a minimum guaranteed jackpot, Trinidad and Tobago’s Lotto Plus is definitely a game you should explore. This game is one of the several ones that belong to the portfolio of the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB). Lotto Plus is one of the most popular national games that’s played by millions of people for trying their luck. Over the years, there have been some really massive jackpots, which has given the lottery lots of media coverage.

You don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of this lottery game as Trinidad and Tobago’s Lotto Plus is one of the most popular games in the country and is overseen by the National Lotteries Control Board, which is a corporate entity that was established with the aim of regulating lotteries and ensuring their fairness. The National Lotteries Act in Trinidad and Tobago led to the formation of this national institution and the board comprises of a chairman as well as members who are selected by the minister. The organization conducts and also promotes other national lotteries in Trinidad and Tobago.

Some of the duties of the NLCB include issuing tickets for the lotteries, fixing the price and number of tickets, fixing the value as well as the number of prizes that are to be apportioned in the different prize tiers of Lotto Plus and also determining the time at which drawings are to be conducted. Some of the funds that are generated through the sale of lottery tickets are dedicated by the NLCB for financing charitable projects. For a number of years, the organization has partnered with Habitat for Humanity and have made a contribution of 50,000 dollars each month since 2013.

Not only does the NLCB organize Lotto Plus in Trinidad and Tobago, they also have some other lottery games in their portfolio. Some of the prominent lottery games include Cashpot, Pick 2, Pick 4, Play Whe and a variety of instant win scratch card games.

As far as Lotto Plus is concerned, the game has two drawings in a week on Wednesday and Saturday and the draw is conducted at 8:30 p.m. This means that you have two opportunities in a week to win a prize. The good thing about Lotto Plus is that playing it is more or less like playing the various other lottery games. The player has to visit an authorized Lotto Plus retailer in their neighborhood in order to fill out a pay slip. There are a total of five panels on the pay slip, starting from Panel A and going all the way to Panel E.

Every panel has two groups of numbers; the first group comprises of a range of numbers between 1 and 35 whereas the second group of numbers, which is also called the Powerball group, has a range of 1 till 10 numbers. The cost of a single panel is $5 and you can choose to play as many panels as you want. From the first group of numbers, players are required to choose a total of five and one number from the second group or Powerball group. Players have the option of selecting their numbers manually, but if you don’t want to do so, there is also the Quick Pick option available.

This means that the numbers you play will be generated by a computer terminal and be random. You can also buy multiple tickets and select manual numbers for some and use the Quick Pick option for others. The good thing about Trinidad and Tobago’s Lotto Plus is that you can participate in draws in advance. You have the option of playing 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 draws. If you are buying your ticket from a retailer, make sure you have filled out the pay slip correctly and then hand it over, along with the payment.

In return, a ticket will be issued to you, which will mention the lottery name i.e. Lotto Plus, the estimated jackpot for the game, the date of the draw and the time, the draw number and also the numbers you have chosen to play. Every ticket has a serial number that distinguishes it from all the other tickets that have been issued. Bear in mind that the pay slip itself has no value and only a ticket will guarantee your entry in a draw. Therefore, the ticket needs to be verified before you leave the terminal or else it will be of no use. The board specifies the hours within which the Lotto Plus tickets can be bought or sold.

Similar to many other lotteries, the Lotto Plus also has a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $2 million. In the event that a drawing doesn’t have a winner, the prize is rolled over to the next draw. This is one of the major reasons why Lotto Plus has become renowned for some very impressive jackpots over the years. As far as the other prizes are concerned, you should know that Lotto Plus is a pari-mutuel lottery game, which means that the prize pool depends on the number of tickets that have been sold and the number of winners in each respective prize tier. If there are multiple winners in a prize category, the entire sum will be divided evenly amongst all of the winners in a respective drawing.

Apart from the jackpot, there are four other prize tiers available to players when they are playing the Lotto Plus game. Winning the Lotto Plus requires a player to correctly select five numbers from the first group regardless of the order and the Powerball group number as well. If you want to win a prize, the winning numbers should be from a single panel. The different prize categories of the Trinidad and Tobago Lotto Plus are outlined below:

Category 1

You will win the Lotto Plus jackpot if you are able to match all five main numbers as well as the Powerball number. As mentioned above, the prize for this particular category starts at $2 million and in case there is no winner, it is rolled over to the subsequent draw. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 3,246,320.

Category 2

In this particular prize category, the players have to match the five numbers from group 1. Depending on the number of tickets that have been sold, the cash prize for this category is usually around $14,000. The good thing about this category is that it also has roll overs so the value of the prize can change. The odds of taking home a prize in this category are 1 in 360,702.22.

Category 3

To win this particular prize, players have to match four numbers in the first group and also the Powerball number. The cash prize in this tier is approximately $1,200 and the possibility of a player taking it home is 1 in 21,642.13.

Category 4

In this prize tier, you are just required to have four winning numbers correct and you can take home a sum of $200. The value of the prize can fluctuate depending on the number of winners and the odds of winning in this case are 1 in 2404.68.

Category 5

You can be a winner in category five if you are able to match three group 1 numbers and also the Powerball numbers. The cash prize you win here is $20 and the odds of winning it are 1 in 746.28.

Category 6

Here you just need to match three winning numbers, but this will not win you a cash prize. Instead, you can get a free Lotto Plus Quick Pick in this category and the odds of getting it are 1 in 82.92.

You need to get your ticket validated in order to confirm if you have won a prize in the Lotto Plus or not. When it comes to claiming your prizes and collecting them, the rules and regulations have been considerably relaxed by the NLCB. All the prizes, which also include the Lotto Plus jackpot, are paid out in the form of a lump sum. Players can make a claim for their prize within 180 days of the draw being conducted. You can visit any licensed retail venue for collecting prizes up to a value $12,000. If your prize has a large value, then it needs to be claimed at the NLCB main office.

It is a requirement for all winners to participate in a public NLCB promotion as there is no practice in Trinidad and Tobago of keeping the identity of the lottery winners private. One of the most important facts that all lottery players will be interested to know is that lottery prizes are not subject to any form of taxation in Trinidad and Tobago. Other than that, there are no restrictions or requirements that players have to deal with when they want to participate in the Lotto Plus. The only thing you need to ensure is that you are 18 years or older in order to play a lottery game.

NLCB has not imposed any restriction of allowing only local residents to participate in Lotto Plus or any other lottery. Foreigners can also play the game with ease and win prizes. However, they may have to deal with taxation laws and regulations if they win a prize. The biggest jackpot that was ever paid out to a player in the Lotto Plus carried a value of $30 million. This sum was won back in November 2015 and it was part of the Saturday draw of the Lotto Plus. The amount managed to surpass the previous biggest jackpot in the Lotto Plus, which was $20.4 million.

Obviously, everyone wants to win the jackpot or even a secondary prize in the Lotto Plus, but in order to do that, you have to match the numbers in the draw. The easiest way of boosting your chances of winning any lottery game is to buy as many tickets as possible. With each ticket, you are pushing the odds in your favor. As it is, the odds of the Lotto Plus are quite favorable because the pool of numbers is a small one, which makes it easier to get a match. If buying too many tickets is not possible because it will burn a hole in your pocket, you can always start a lottery pool.

In this case, you can talk to your friends or family members and ask them to chip in money for buying tickets. You can use the accumulated sum for buying a large number of tickets and play different number combinations in every ticket. Even if one ticket wins, the prize is shared by all members of the pool so no one is left empty-handed. If you are choosing your numbers manually, you can go with important dates in your life or you can use your lucky numbers. Other numbers like ages, phone numbers etc. can also be used.

In manual selection, the key is to remember that your numbers should be spread out over the entire range of numbers available for selection. Don’t use consecutive numbers as their odds of being drawn are very low and it will hurt your chances of winning. Similarly, don’t go with common patterns like multiples of 5 or any other number because draws are not conducted as per a pattern. If you don’t want to choose numbers yourself, go with Quick Pick. The good thing about the Lotto Plus draw is that the public is allowed on the premises so they can bear to the transparency of the process.

The responsibility of publishing the winning numbers is taken up by the board. They publish the numbers on the official website of the NLCB and they are also published in at least one daily newspaper or gazette that circulates all over Trinidad and Tobago.

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