Top 7 Lottery Winners Success Stories For The History Books

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These 7 success stories disproved the theory of the curse of the lottery.

Everyone knows that the lottery can not only bring wealth and horror stories, when people bring themselves to madness, drunkenness, debauchery, and even suicide. Such horror stories associated with the lottery, but in any story there are legends and scary stories of unfortunate people, and how the main prize made their lives unbearable.

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Fortunately, the lottery – it’s not only scary stories with the prison, alcohol and suicide. The bright side of the lottery is a huge success, happy and full of life change. These lucky men correctly took the money, sent them back on track and reap the benefits of income and fabulous carefree life. We offer 7 real-life stories that prove that the lottery can not always be a curse; it can be a real blessing.

Lottery winner success stories:

  • Violet and Allen Large donated their entire jackpot.

In 2010 a pair of lucky blew headlines with their prize of 11.2 million dollars. They are always thinking of other people, so they tried to help everyone. After the victory they secured all the necessary family and his parents only after that they gave the money to charity. The largest charities accept donations from them and thereby have helped many sick people.

  • Happy Christine and Colin Weir helped needy children.

After their surprise victory in 2011, they became richer by $ 250 million. They decided to open a charitable foundation to help children with different rare diseases. Their donation of the money was given to a little girl with paralysis, the young artist and neighbor orphan. They thanked the community and the family Weir says that their charity has prompted many people to help others.

  • Happy Carolyn and Jim McCullar plan all the money for posterity.

The year 2011 was for the couple decisive for their lives; they won the main prize of $ 380 million. They alleged that the purchase of luxury items and expensive for them isn’t important in life, they think about the future of their children and grandchildren. Instead of spending money on a round the world trip, they invest them in profitable business to the next generation – to not feel the need of finance.

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  • Louise White decided the issue by a financial assistant and a lawyer.

In 2012, the woman became a millionaire and didn’t know how to spend the money necessary to avoid waste. She had very ambitious plans for his winnings, so she turned to a financial planner and a lawyer. She knows what can make her family happy and herself she decided to just buy a sherbet. Money is a way for her to adjust life and provide her family, but not to spend everything on not very important things.

  • Les Robins opened a children’s camp.

In 1993, he won the largest jackpot in the history of the lottery. He taught in high school, when he accidentally won a huge jackpot. All the money from winning, he has invested in the construction of their own day camp for children – Winnegator. For more than 20 years, this camp is one of the most successful in America.

  • Jim Dancy decided to give everything.

The lottery Michitagan was the winner with a prize of $ 10,000 as Jim Dancy said he wanted to give all the money to the organization Greater Kalamazoo United Way, and it doesn’t currently leave a single dollar.

  • Ed Nabors Went Fishing.

Ed Nabors former truck driver won nearly $ 400 million, but he wanted to provide for his family and could not spend the money for them. When asked about his plans, he said that he wanted to go with the family on a fishing trip.

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