Top 5 tips to celebrate Easter Day

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easter dayEaster Day is the most anticipated day of spring. This Day is a very special holiday with a long history and lots of traditions. The arrival of this Day are being waited for many people around the world because this holiday associated with truly faith and respect to the God. This year the Easter Day holiday all world will celebrate on 26st of the March.

Here are 5 ways to make Easter Day celebration unforgettable and cheerful!

1.Give yourself up to family

 Do you remember when was the last time you made something for the closest people you have? Yes, Easter Day connected with romantic feelings, but it is a holiday of love, so who deserves your attention more that family? Try to surprise them, spend some time with your parents, brothers, sisters and other family members. Cook supper, make them happy, instead of surfing the web all day long or lying as a coach potato in front of TV. Give some cute presents, like postcards, flowers or just decorate your family with attention, it is priceless. You can also try your luck together and play lottery and get Special Easter Day Discount. You even imagine reaction of your beloved when he or she realizes you bought a lucky ticket and win huge sum?

easter cake

2. Make a present by your own

Try to create something yourself. Actually, this Day the best variants is to make something by your hand such as create a gorgeous knitted rabbits or painting eggs. It is not that hard, you won’t spend a lot of time creating and decorating it, but the most important is that you can write something pleasant and adorable for your friends and relatives. Sometimes such «insignificant» and inexpensive presents are much more valuable than chic gifts.

hansmade eggs

3. So sweet

Try to make something sweet. You can bake a cake, oven passover or make some sweets. You can choose whatever you want, the point is to make this day more sweet in all possible respects. If you feel that kitchen won’t suffer your attack, turn to confectioner’s shop, you will find something there, for sure.

sweet chinens

4. Come to a Church

Of course, Easter Day is a day of faith, as well, as day of eggs and sweets. So, why not to go all together to a nearest church? As a tradition every year each family come to a church in order to light a candle or to sanctify a food. Historically this Day means that all winter colds and blizzards left behind and just sunny and warm days are waiting for us.


  5. Time to travel

So why not to make something special for you and your family? Start this warm days abroad travelling all over the world. Take some right person or even several of them and start your fantastic trip. So, bring happiness to yourself!

easter traveling

Hope, these advices will bring you inspiration to celebrate Easter Day as well, as never before!

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