[Video] Top 5 Biggest Lottery Winners In The World 2015

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This Tuesday the Spanish lottery El Gordo again pleases its players. For Spaniards it’s time to look through El Gordo and try to remember the happiest winners of the main draws.

Most of the lucky winners had wanted not to be famous and to keep their anonymity, while others didn’t want to be in newspapers. But we had known that some were already been known.

For example Hill family, who in 2012 had won nearly 294 million dollars. As it known this family very unusual had spent their money.

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While other winners fulfill their dreams and buy luxury items, this family always dreamed to invest their millions in their own city with fire station and own park.

They also actively had bought up some parts of the land, to change all pipeline net in their city.

This short video shows you the winners for the past 5 years and their spent the jackpot:

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