The Strange Story of a $23 Million SuperLotto Plus Winner

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SuperLotto Plus logoIt is often said that truth is stranger than fiction and this tale about a SuperLotto Plus lottery winner and the $23 million jackpot she won proves that this old saying is definitely true!

Back on may 30th, 2012, a 69 year old Victorville, California, woman named Julie Cervera had her adult daughter purchase a SuperLotto Plus California lottery ticket for her.

Ms. Cervera had been on disability for more than two decades at the time and was in extremely straitened circumstances.

What Became of the Lottery Ticket?

When Julie Cervera’s daughter gave her the ticket, Ms. Cervera stuffed it into the glove box of her new used car….and forgot about it.

California Lottery rules state that winners only have 180 days to come forward with a winning ticket and claim the prize. Julie Cervera came perilously close to letting that deadline run out and losing a huge fortune!

Almost six months later, in November of 2012, the $23 million jackpot ticket was due to expire at the end of the month.

So, what happened? How did this lucky player come to claim her winnings after all, practically at the last minute? Read on to hear the rest of this bizarre tale!

Technology Aids Lottery Winner

Hooray for technology!

How did Julie Cervera find out that she had a lottery ticket worth $23 million?

A surveillance photo of the ticket’s purchase surfaced on the internet. The image was pinpointed using electronic records kept by the California Lottery of its tickets sales – dates and times.

In a desperate, last ditch attempt to locate the winner, the electronic image was released to the media.

It was only when Ms. Cervera recognized her daughter in the image that she remembered the long forgotten lottery ticket in her car and retrieved it. When she was interviewed, shortly after going to the Lottery Headquarters to claim her jackpot prize, Ms. Cervera said it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I have maybe a dollar in my pocket, they just shut off my cable, my electric bill is $600 and my (bank) account is also overdrawn,” Cervera told reporters the day after coming forward to claim her prize.

Well, if she uses her winnings wisely, Julie Cervera might have problems along the way, but money will not be one of them!

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