The Lucky Winner Received 533 Million dollars!

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New World Record of the America Lottery with a prize fund of $ 1.5 billion 

The Lucky Winner Received 533 million dollars!

powerball winner

John and Lisa Robinson

On Friday, this couple appeared on the threshold of the headquarters of the state lottery in Tennessee. Lisa and John claimed their main jackpot, which they have just won. The administration of the state lottery has confirmed that the couple bought their lucky ticket to win the 1,5 billion dollars.

Family Robinson bought 4 tickets in a small shop near their home in Munford. This couple first of all plan to pay off credit for a small house, and then pay student debts of their daughter Tiffany and then continue their usual work. This family is very believer, so they want to give one-tenth of their prize to charity to help the needy.

Lisa works in the office, John is working Warehouse. Their prize is 533 million dollars, but they receive only 327 million because the couple is required to pay the tax. The couple Robinson wants to share some of their money on annual payments, they decided to take the full amount at once.
Grocery store where they purchased this crucial ticket also receive a cash prize – 25 000. According to officials of the lottery, the total prize money amounted to $ 1.5 billion, but it meant 3 prizes. The other two prizes are still not known.


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