The Finland Lottery: All You Need To Know About The Popular Finland Lotto Game!

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Finland Lottery

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Since it made its debut in Finland in the 1970, the National Lottery has undergone many changes over the years. The draw for the Finish Lotto is conducted once a week, on every Saturday. You have to choose seven numbers between 1 and 40 in order to participate in it. Seven main numbers as well as one supplemental number is drawn by the Veikkaus lottery officials. The purpose of the bonus or supplemental number is only for completing the winning combinations for the second tier prize (6+1) and also for the sixth place prize (3+1). If you are able to match all seven numbers, you will take home the whole jackpot or share with someone else who chose the same.

The cost of the ticket is €1 per line. While several games are offered by the Finland Lottery, which also includes the multinational game Vikinglotto, the Finland Lotto remains the top choice of those in the country. Veikkaus, the Finland ministry of the Interior, who is responsible for overseeing the monopoly, has not listed a minimum age for participating in the game. Nonetheless, it is understood that you need to be at least 15 years old in order to be considered eligible for purchasing tickets. Apart from that, you are not required to pay any income tax on lottery winnings in Finland.

Playing the Finland Lottery Online

Online lottery has become a very popular phenomenon in recent years due to which it has become popular in different countries. As far as the Finland Lottery is concerned, players within the country have the option of participating in the different games online with ease. Initially, the option was also open to outsiders, but there was a DDoS attack in August 2009 due to which the website had been crippled for a number of days. Since then, they have chosen to block the official website of the Finland Lottery for foreign IPs. However, lottery messenger or concierge services can still buy the tickets in person when they are in the country.

Guide to Playing the Finland Lottery

Obviously, when you are participating in the lottery, you want to win, but in order to do that, you have to first know how to play the Finland Lottery. First, you have to decide the lines you wish to play and, as mentioned above, each line costs €1. Then, you have to select a total of seven numbers from 1 till 40. You have the option of choosing the numbers yourself by simply marking them on a play slip or you can also allow the system to choose six random numbers for you.

If you are willing to spend an additional €0.50 per line, you can also select a Plus number that will multiply any prize by a factor of 5 i.e. 5x. Bear in mind that this is not applicable on the jackpot. There are also two additional option bets that you can try out. The cost of Luck Holiday is about €0.50 per line and you will be able to take home a prize worth €1,000 if you succeed in matching the random number. In the case of the Joker, you have to pay €2 and it will win you a prize worth €1,000,000.

Another option is to play ‘systems’ in which you have to select between eight and eighteen extra numbers. While this will definitely cost you more, but it can also boost your chances of winning exponentially. For instance, if you decide to play System 9, you will be able to choose 9 extra numbers and this will create a total of 36 rows. You will have to pay €36 for this perk. On the other hand, there is also the option of playing 18 numbers, which creates about 600 possible winning combinations, but also cost you €600. Lots of players find this system highly appealing because it is an easy way for them to buy multiple combinations by choosing only a few numbers and every winning combination gives a return.

How Can I Win the Finland Lottery?

The only way you can win the jackpot prize is that if you successfully match your selected seven numbers with the seven that are drawn from a pool of numbers between 1 and 40. If the winning ticket is possessed by more than one person, it is a given that the jackpot prize will have to be shared equally amongst the winners. However, if there is no winner and the jackpot remains unclaimed, the amount is simply rolled over and it increases the jackpot for the next Saturday drawing.

Odds of Winning the Finland Lottery

  • The odds of taking home the Finland Lotto jackpot by matching all seven numbers are 1 in 15,380,937.
  • The odds of matching six numbers and the extra number are approximately 1 in 734,426.
  • The third prize is usually given out for being able to match at least six to seven numbers and its odds are 1 in 68,665.
  • The fourth prize can be claimed when players are able to match at least five numbers and the odds of winning it are 1 in 1,387.
  • When you are able to match four numbers successfully, you are given the fifth prize and there is a 1 in 73 chance of doing so.
  • The sixth prize is awarded to the players who are able to match three main numbers and also the extra number.

The prize is typically higher than €100,000, but the amount can also vary as it all depends on the preceding seven day sales. The more the sales, the higher the jackpot.

Choosing the Numbers for the Finland Lottery

While it is true that the Finland lottery is a game of chance, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use some tactics for choosing your numbers and improving your winning odds. You can check out the frequency chart available for previous lottery draws and see what numbers haven’t been chosen in a while and go for them. Likewise, you can also use lucky numbers or combination of high and low numbers for improving your chances.

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