The Texas Lottery: Over $21 Billion In Prizes Given Out in 21 Years

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The Texas Lottery

The Texas Lottery Commission operates the Texas Lottery throughout the state of Texas. The government operated lottery has its headquarters in the town of Austin. Since 1992, more than $27 billion has been generated in revenue by the Texas Lottery and has been used for good causes including veterans’ services, education and various other state programs. Almost $21 billion has been contributed to the Foundation School Fund since 1997 by the Texas Lottery thereby supporting public education in the state. In 2017, a sum of $1.313 billion was transferred by the Texas Lottery to the Foundation School Fund.

It has also made contributions to veterans programs worth $93 million after legislation was passed in 2009 that directed the Texas Lottery to introduce a scratch ticket game especially for this purpose. The funds obtained from the game were put in the Texas Veterans Commission Fund. The first game was introduced in 2010 and additional games have been launched since then for supporting the fund.

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Knowing the Texas Lottery Rules

Like with most lotteries in the United States, you have to be at least 18 to participate in the Texas Lottery. You need to claim your winning ticket within 180 days of the drawing or it will be forfeited. As far as scratch tickets are concerned, the time limit starts when the Commission closes the game. In the case of drawings, the time limit starts from the date of the drawing. In Texas, when players are purchasing tickets for Mega Millions, Powerball or Lotto Texas tickets, they have to decide if they want to go for the annual pay (AP) or the cash value option (CVO). In other states, the decision has to be made usually after you win, but this doesn’t apply in Texas.

Guide for Playing the Texas Lottery

  • Texas Lottery is the only one in the US to offer $50 scratch off tickets. Prizes for this lottery not only include cash, but also free tickets for any Texas drawing game, tours of Cowboy Stadium and tickets to sports events.
  • For the Lotto Texas, you have to pick six numbers from 54 balls drawn by a machine. Tickets cost $1 and there is also the Extra option that costs $1 more. It doesn’t change the jackpot prize for matching all numbers, but makes changes to other prizes.
  • Two sets of numbers ranging from 1 to 35 are used for Texas Two Step. Four numbers are chosen from the first set of 35 whereas the Bonus Ball is selected from the second.
  • All or Nothing is a newer game that involves selection of 1 numbers from 24 and it is unique because you can claim the jackpot if you match all numbers or match none.
  • A daily-draw game, Cash 5 requires you to select five numbers from 37.
  • Pick 3 and Daily 4 are similar as you choose three and four numbers respectively from 0 to 9. You can choose Straight like all digits in order, Box like digits in any order and other similar combinations.
  • Texas Triple Chance can be played for $2 and 7 numbers are chosen between 1 and 55. You also get two extra sets with Quick Picks.

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How Can I Win the Texas Lottery?

Most of us want to win the lottery, but we don’t know how to increase our chances. Yes, you can start with buying more tickets, but that’s not all. It is better if you play less often, but buy more tickets when you do play. You should decide if you want to choose your own numbers, for which you can apply different strategies like choosing a combination of odd and even numbers or high and low numbers, or you can let Quick Picks make the selection. This involves a computer choosing random numbers for you. Sometimes, random can help you in winning the lottery.

Texas Lottery Payouts

For the Texas lottery payouts, the minimum jackpot begins at $40 million through Mega Millions and the multiplier option can quadruple your prize if you win. If you are playing All or Nothing, you will be able to take home $250,000 for matching or not matching all numbers. The minimum jackpot of the Lotto Texas is $4 million, but with the option of Extra! option, winners have been able to take home as much as $14 million in winnings.

Second Tier Prizes

For games such as Texas Two Step, players can take home prizes worth $200,000 or more. The other games such as Pick 3 and Daily 4 have guaranteed amounts as their prizes and the payments are made in a lump sum. Likewise, Cash 5 prizes are in small amounts and it also includes lump sum payments.

History of Texas Lottery

In November 1991, the Texas voters approved an amendment in the state’s constitution to authorize lottery ticket sales. The first game was the scratch-off ticket called Lone Star Millions and the first-day sales of 23.2 million tickets had set a world record back then. On November 7th, 1992, the Lotto Texas sales begun and the first draw was held on November 14th. By November 1993, the Texas Lottery sales managed to exceed $1 billion thereby breaking the record set by Florida Lottery in 1989.

Buy Texas Lottery Tickets Online

You can purchase Texas lottery tickets online from a Texas Lottery retailer. They have their own websites where you can make an account for free and choose the game you want to play. You have to be 18 to do so and have a bank account to be able to pay for it. You can also download the official Texas Lottery app and play from your smartphone.

Online Texas Lottery Syndicate

One of the best parts of being able to play the lottery online is that you can join a Texas Lottery syndicate for boosting your chance to win. You don’t have to make your own syndicate as they are already established and all you have to do is sign up and boost your chances of winning the Texas Lottery jackpot.

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