Tennessee 20 Wins $421M Powerball Jackpot

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This is such a great feel good story, especially at this time of the year:

A team of co-workers for the North American Stamping Group, which has headquarters in Portland but is based out of Tennessee, have been pooling their resources together and buying syndicate lottery tickets for over 8 years now. This group of work colleagues who are scattered throughout 13 cities within Tennessee, struck it rich this recently, when they matched six numbers including the all-important Powerball, making them overnight multi-millionaires.

The Group, which have been affectionately named the ‘Tennessee 20’ by the local media couldn’t believe their eyes when they realised that they had jackpotted on one of the biggest lottery draws of the year – $421,000,000…That’s a lot of Stamps!

O’neal, the group’s spokesperson, recalled during the press conference how she broke the news to her colleagues – After triple checking the results she couldn’t believe her eyes so decided to make herself drink, take a few breathes and check again, this time on a different device.

The Tennessee 20

The Tennessee 20After finally realizing that she was not going crazy, Ms. O’neal made a call around 5am to all members of the Tennessee 20 telling them to head over to her house because she has “big news to share”. Despite a few admitting that they believed it was prank even when driving over in the morning, all members of the Tennessee 20 turned up to Ms. O’neal’s house for breakfast & some life changing news. It even took one co-worker a few hours to get over due his car breaking down – a problem he now happily admits is no longer a worry to him anymore!

The Tennessee 20 have gained much media attention due to the size of the jackpot but more so due to their intentions with what to do with their newfound wealth. “We’re supporting education & we’re supporting Tennessee” Said Amy O’neal, the group’s spokeswoman, during their news conference where the winners were announced.  A different member of the Tennessee 20 told ABC news affiliate WKRN-TV that he plans to donate to charities all around the State of Tennessee, “It’s a gift that we definitely want to use in right way” said Don Sword during the press conference.

The down-to-earth group have impressed media and journalists alike with their altruistic approach to pocketing millions and their desire to continue working despite the windfall bestowed upon them. “We love that company, I’m not planning on quitting” O’neal reiterated at the press conference much to the shock of those in attendance.

Here is a video of the Tennessee 20 at the press conference:

The group decided to take the cash up-front option for their winnings, meaning that their jackpot total after tax stands at around $254.7 million – $12.7 million for each of the Tennessee 20. A truly life changing sum of money to anyone. It turns out Tennessee has been making quite a name for itself as the go-to place of national lottery winners, with some even claiming it is a “lucky State”.

‘It’s a Lucky State’

The State of Tennessee is starting to become synonymous with lottery winners: According to Tennessee Lottery, it was the sixth time that the Powerball Jackpot has been won in Tennessee and the 200th ticket sold in Tennessee that was worth $1m or more. This fact is even more impressive considering that the population of Tennessee is under 7 million.

We’re going to check back in with them next year and see who is still working in the stamp industry, who has given their fortune away to charity & who is travelling the world!

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