TattsLotto Is An Australian Lotto Game Played By Hundreds Of Thousands Each and Every Week

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How Do I Check My Saturday Tattslotto Ticket?

Tattslotto Results

The results of the Australian Tattslotto can be found online on the Lottosend Saturday Lotto results page. If you choose to play online, you can view your results online via your online lottery service provider. Playing online is not only safe but is also easy and comfortable. Alternatively, results can be viewed by scanning tickets using the Lott App as well as in authorized agents around the country.

Tattslotto is a type of lottery game which is played every week on Saturdays nights in Australia. The game was produced by tatts group and is also being promoted by the master brand “the lott”. On the 22nd of June 1972 the first ever draw was filmed by the Melbourne TV station (HSV7), the host for that show was Lucy Kiral and David Johnston. Six numbers were drawn and two supplementary numbers were drawn too. The Tattslotto follows a 6/45+2 matrix meaning players have to pick six main numbers and two supplementary numbers from a pool of 45 balls.

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Nevertheless, in recent years, a mega draw was introduced which allows players to win up to 30 million dollars. Draws take place every Saturday at night though out the year and over 15 million draws are broadcasted on tv channels such as prime in southern NSW & Victoria channel seven in Melbourne and seven networks & network Ten affiliated southern cross television in Tasmania.

What is the Saturday Tattslotto ?

As most lottery games, the Tattslotto is another chance to become a millionaire overnight. The Tattslotto is an Australian nationwide syndicated lottery game. While it is referred to as Saturday’s Lotto, some cities such as Tasmania, Victoria and Northern territory refer to it as the Tattslotto while in Queensland, it is referred to as the Gold Lotto and the X Lotto in South Australia. This lotto was first introduced in 1972 in Victoria before it expanded to other Australian states in 2013. There also exist the superdraw which helps to boost regular events gives you the chance to win a Division 1 prize pool which can amount to up to 20 million or more. Amazing right?

Draws for the Australian Tattslotto

Draws for the Australian Tattslotto are held one a week on Saturdays at 7:30 PM (AEST). Sale of tickets close 25 minutes before the 7:30 PM draw begins. During these draws, balls are drawn from a pool of balls numbered from 1 to 45.

Winnings and Prizes

The Australian Tattslotto like many other lottery games determines its winners via a draw. During these draws, six main balls and two supplementary balls are selected from a pool of balls numbered from 1 to 45. The jackpot which is the first-tier prize of the lottery is won when a player matches all six of the balls drawn. The odds of matching all six main balls stands at a whopping 1 in 8.145 million with an estimated prize of $4 million. The next top prize is the Division 2 prize which is won when a player matches 5 of the main balls in addition to one or two of the supplementary balls. The supplementary numbers which are drawn during Saturday’s draw are used to determine the prizes for the 2nd, 5th, and 6th prize divisions. Winning numbers and results can always be found at the Official Tattslotto Results website at any hour of the day, where the results are updated live.

Other prize tiers exist for those who match some of the main balls in addition to the supplementary balls.

Play Tattslotto Online – Where do I go to take part in this game?

The Tattslotto can be played manually by going to any authorized agent and purchasing a Tattslotto ticket. Alternatively, the Tattslotto can be played online via any one of the trusted online service providers such as Lottosend among others.

How is the game played?

There are several ways to play the Australian TattsLotto. Depending on the individual, he/she can choose any of the following options.

A marked entry enables you to select the number of games you want to play, in addition, you can choose the number games that are important to you, and you have the opportunity to save them as favorites for your next entry. When using the in-store for your entry you can use coupons to play up to 18 games or 50 games if you do the entry yourself online.

A quick pick this is the simplest way to play, here the number of games you want to play is already fixed and your numbers are generated randomly for you.

A pick entry ensures you have either 1 or 2 winning numbers.

A system entry this option enables you to be able to pick more numbers from the barrel which consist of 45 numbers. you have the chance to pick from 7 to 20 numbers, this opens up your chances of winning different prize divisions.

You can also decide for how long you want to keep playing the game

If you have plans on going for a vacation or can’t make it to the store it is possible you that you buy an entry into an advance draw or you have the means to, make your entry across many draws with the option multi-week entry
If you have the opportunity to play online you can decide to subscribe to your entry to mechanically play into all draws or when there a chance of a superdraw.

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The Syndicate Method

Apart from the manual selection and the Quick Pick method of play, there is the Syndicate method of play. The Syndicate is a method of play that allows a group of players to purchase lottery tickets in order to increase their odds of winning. This method allows the members of the Syndicate to share in the winnings of any of the tickets purchased by the Syndicate. Winnings are shared among players in the proportion of contributions per player. These syndicates can consist of family members, friends or colleagues.

Using the Syndicate system of entry, it is possible for a player or group of players to buy as many entries as possible in order to increase their odds of winning.

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