Syndicate Games at Lottosend: Play Powerball and Megamillions as a Team

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$3.7m Winning Tesco Syndicate celebrate with champagne

$3.7m Winning Tesco Syndicate (Source: dailymail.co.uk)

The Power of Syndicates

If you’re a big lottery fan, you’ve no doubt heard stories of groups winning jackpots around the world. After all, it’s not only lone individuals who play the lottery.

One of the most amazing success stories in recent years involved a group of supermarket workers from the UK. The team of 15 Tesco employees scooped £3.7 million in July 2014. One of the syndicate members, Jackie Beresford, reportedly saw a psychic shortly before the jackpot win. Another syndicate from the supermarket chain landed over £18 million a decade ago.

Often it can pay to play together. But what is a lottery syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is basically a group of individuals who club together to purchase of a large number of tickets, increasing their chances of winning and lowering the overall cost of playing on a regular basis. Many syndicate players say they enjoy the social aspect of participating as a group, as much as the idea of winning huge sums.

So we thought to ourselves, ‘why not offer group lottery tickets online?’ So we did! You save money at the same time as buying more lines and tipping the odds of winning in your favour.

How to Play Our Group Lottery Games

It’s been a little while in the making but it’s finally here! Each of our major lotteries, whether it’s the Powerball or Mega Millions, can be played as a group. Visit our main lotteries page to find out more.

It’s a bit different to the traditional lottery syndicates, in that you can’t choose who’s on your team (sorry!) but you will be entered into a group of other Lottosend players. So you will split your winnings with a stranger but you’ll increase your chances of winning at the same time.


If you’ve played at Lottosend before, you’ll know how simple it is to purchase your tickets. But for those who need reminding or are just new to Lottosend, here it goes:

  1. From the main play page you can now click on the tab to choose between a single or group game:
  2. Then choose how many shares you want out of a maximum 53. The Shares left part tells you how many people are actually participating thus how many people you’ll be sharing prize money with. 
  3. Each share gets you 55 different lines (a line is the chosen numbers for a draw) and you can see the actual picked numbers by clicking View All 55 lines.
  4. You can also pick whether to enter one game or multiple games. Multiple games can give you a better discount rate.

If you have any questions about our new group games, get in touch on Twitter or contact our team.

Today’s Powerball jackpot is HUGE and you can buy group lottery tickets for it here.

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