IFWTL (If I Won The Lottery) Survey Says: Top 4 Ways Players Would Spend EuroMillions Jackpot

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Lotto JackpotAlthough there are probably a lot of variations in dreams people have about how they would spend their millions if they won a big EuroMillions lottery jackpot, a recent survey revealed the top 4 on this list.

The EuroMillions lottery jackpot conducted a survey to find out which dreams topped the Wish List for lottery players.

Their findings were quite interesting!

Read on to find out the top 4 most common ways of spending lottery winnings.

Spending Lottery Winnings

Actually, the things that head the list of ways to spend lottery winnings are not that surprising.

There are almost certainly quite a few people who have very specific and possibly even bizarre or off beat ideas about what to do with the money if they hit a lottery jackpot.

But, for the most part, the majority of hopeful players would do the same general things with their new found fortunes. It goes to show that humans from all around the world might come in a wide variety of races, genders, lifestyles and geographical locations…but our basic likenesses when it comes to daydreams about lottery winnings are very much the same.

Top 4 Wish List for Lottery Winnings

Here they are, in order, the top 4 IFWTL (If I Won The Lottery) wishes:

I. Quit That Day Job – This is at the top of the list. Some people dream of saying “take this job and shove it” and never working another day in their lives, while others say they would spend part of their winnings on starting their own business.

II. Buy a New House – Number Two on the list is a common and ultra popular daydream of how to spend lottery millions. In fact, almost everyone surveyed said that they would invest at least some of their lottery jackpots in a splashy new pad.

III. Travel – This is a tremendously popular dream of those who play the lottery. Many players say that they would spend part of their money being globe trotters and seeing the wonders of the world.

IV. Number Four on the list is enough to restore your faith in human nature. High on the wish list of what to do with lottery winnings? Give it away. Not all of it, but enough to help those less fortunate. Colin and Christine Weir, who won a giant £161 million lottery jackpot in 2011 set up the Weir Charitable Trust, created to improve and help the Scottish community.

What would you do if you won a big EuroMillions jackpot?

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