SuperLotto Plus Second Chance: Everybody Gets a Second Chance to Win!

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Superlotto Plus logo SuperLotto Plus is widely considered to be the biggest and most popular game of the California State Lottery and the best got even better recently with the new 2nd Chance drawing!

If there is anything better than having a chance to win a big jackpot lottery prize, it’s getting a second chance to win if you weren’t a winner the first time around.

SuperLotto Plus has created a slew of instant millionaires and now, with its 2nd Chance drawing, is bringing more players than ever to the winners circle.

If you aren’t familiar with this well loved lottery, a little more info might not come amiss.

About SuperLotto Plus

This particular game from the California State Lottery was begun in 1986. Initially, it was called the California Super Lotto, but the name was changed in 2000.

It is similar in style to the blockbuster MegaMillions game and has a starting jackpot prize of $7 million.

5 numbers are drawn from a possible 47 numbers with a Mega Number drawn from a possible 27 numbers. The largest win to date was a whopping big $120 million jackpot in 2002. The smallest jackpot of $7 million has been hit 154 times, most recently on September 10th, 2014.

The average jackpot prize for this game is $21.76 million. Drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday.

One thing that makes this game so popular is that even its smallest jackpot of $7 million is a fortune!

SuperLotto Plus 2nd Chance

The 2nd Chance drawing gives you another chance to be a winner if your numbers didn’t hit the first time.

At the bottom of each ticket there is a code. You simply enter this code online and receive a $1 credit for every dollar spent on SuperLotto Plus tickets. Each $1 credit represents a chance to win the 2nd Chance drawing.

There are 5 winners of $15,000 every week in the 2nd Chance drawing.


You can play SuperLotto Plus and enter the 2nd Chance drawing online. No need to drive somewhere special to buy tickets. Play this big lottery right from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, or from your mobile device anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Lottosend has now added SuperLotto Plus to its line-up of the world’s largest and most popular lottery games, so start playing online today for a chance to win!

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