Strength in Numbers: Is Lottery Prediction Possible?

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Is it Possible to Predict Winning Lottery Numbers?

It’s a saying as old as time, but could there actually be some substance to it? There just might be. Over the years lottery balls have been rolling out one after the other, making a list of millionaires in their wake. The question is though, do certain number sequences give you a greater chance at becoming a millionaire yourself? It is arguable, as all numbers are drawn at random and have the same chance as appearing as each other.


We’ve previously given you advice on tactics and strategies to potentially improve chances of winning, as well as ideas on how other people choose their numbers (birthdays, house numbers, ages and important dates to name just a few!). However, which numbers have actually shown up and lead hopefuls to new found wealth?

According to USA Mega, based on 207 Mega Millions drawings since 22/10/13, the lottery numbers 35, 29, 25, 49, 11, 31 are the most drawn numbers. 55, 48, 43, 75, 67, 61 are among the lowest raked numbers to have been drawn. One approach you may wish to take is to pick the 6 most popular numbers or the 6 lowest ranked numbers, in the hope that they once again may be drawn or the over due ones finally make their appearance! Another tactic to consider is to have a mixture of both popular and overdue numbers to try and cover both ends of the spectrum!

With a jackpot of $84,000,000, Mega Millions could make you a fortune you can only dream of! It’s right at your grasp, if you want to be in with a chance there’s only way to do it…by buying a ticket! Head over to Lottosend now to play the Mega Millions and be in with a chance of winning! Already got your numbers in mind? Why don’t you tweet us at @lottosend and let us know how you pick your numbers – we want to hear them!

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