How to start using Fool Days?

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April-Fools-dayEvery year, on the first of April, people all over the world start making jokes and play the fool.

The origins of the holiday remain unknown, but the holiday is celebrated from 16th century. The holiday took place for the first time somewhere in Europe, probably in France.

All in all, history is not so important in this case, so let’s learn more about celebration.

Well, get ready, this year Fool day takes place on a working day (on Friday).

Don’t loose your chance to monkey around your colleagues and relatives.

Here is a list of the best tricks ever:

  • Strange soap

Take a piece of soap and coat it with colourless nail varnish. It won’t form a lather any more. “Broken soap” is strange and amusingly.


  • Juice for astronaut

Jelly in a glass, represented as a juice will confuse everybody.

  • Nice pet

Put an empty cage and set a plate with text: “Do not touch the snake it is  venomous”. Can you even imagine the reaction of your colleagues when you will ask where the snake is?

  • Old school

Sticky note with funny text or joke on the computer mouse will enable its work.

april fools

  • Funny mix

Mix different candies. The best variant is M&M’s and Skittles. Chocolate or sour bon-bon?

  • Rapid colouring

Small quantity of talc in the hair dryer and you wife’s or daughter’s hair is dry and white.

  • Morning collapse

Print screen of “dead screen” on a descope will wake up everybody!

Well, actually, the number of jokes is never-ending. Use your imagination and make this day unforgettable for people around!

There are some confusing stories of Fool Day, cause people don’t trust anyone, even if they are told truth.

One, on the first of April Jonathan Kelso won the lottery. When he told his wife about the luck they got, she didn’t believe him. Later, in the interview, Jonathan confessed, that the hardest in the winning the lottery was prove his wife, that he is not joking.

Good luck and hoping you grab lucky lottery tickets – and that it’s not a joke!

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