July 7th Spanish Summer Raffle: Exciting Odds and Huge Jackpots

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Spanish Summer Raffle (elGordo del Verano)

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Raffle enthusiasts as well as online lottery players all over the world are eager to participate in the Spanish Summer raffle (elGordo del Verano). It is no wonder that things really heat up as the prize fund reaches a staggering sum of €140 million and this is exactly what the Spanish Summer raffle is about.

Spanish Lotteries

Spanish Summer Raffle

Spanish Summer Raffle

Spanish Lottery Games – Since 1812, Spaniards have been participating in the Loteria Nacional Extra and with each passing year, the lottery has gained even more popularity. The Spanish Summer raffle is very similar to the Loteria del Nino (the New Year draw) and the Loteria de Navidad (Christmas draw) and the draw is conducted on the first Saturday in July in Madrid.

Buy tickets for Spanish Summer Raffle Online From anywhere in the world – Click Here

Also called Sorteo Extraordinario de Vacaciones, the Spanish Summer raffle is a celebration of the European summer vacation and this year’s draw will be held on 7th July, 2018. More than 37,000 players can take home prizes in the Spanish Summer raffle because it gives people a 1-in-3 chance of winning. These are some of the best odds offered by lottery games all over the world. Apart from that, there is also a 1-in-100,000 chance of hitting the jackpot, which makes it even more impressive.

As far as tickets of the Spanish Summer raffle are concerned, there are 100,000 tickets printed and each of them carry five-digit codes that range between 00000-99999. Every raffle ticket is printed approximately 10 times and then it is further divided into ten shares in order to create a total number of 10 million shares, each of which can be purchased individually. Every single ticket can actually match more than 37,000 winning combinations. As there are nearly 14 to 16 prize divisions, there is a high chance that you will take home something, if not the jackpot.

The Spanish Summer raffle is different from the other lotteries because lottery plays don’t select the numbers of their choice. The tickets have numbers pre-printed on them and the players have to decide which ticket they want to get. At the time of the draw, the numbers are drawn from a drum one by one and each of them is assigned a prize. This year, a premio especial will be offered by the draw in secondary prizes, which will be around €20 million + €120 million. Players can improve their odds of winning by purchasing an entire ticket of 10 shares or single shares of different tickets.

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