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Spanish Lottery Raffle San Valentin - Play Online

Spanish Lottery Raffle San Valentin – Play Online

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Valentine’s Day is an extremely important event in Spain. It’s also important for many citizens of this country and people from all over the world. This is not only a symbol that is used to celebrate the love and friendship with those special people, but it is a date where the game of chance’s largest and most popular raffle makes act of presence for the anticipation of many. We are talking about the Spanish Lottery Raffle on Saint Valentine’s day.

The Spanish National Lottery has been able to raise more than $105 million in cash, which is equivalent to the grand prize of this impressive and expected raffle to be held on 14 February of this year 2018. The World’s day for love, friendship and also the chance to earn a fortune. Every year, the amount of money to be earned is more than the previous ones.

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The best thing about these games of chance is that everyone around the world can be the lucky winners of the raffle lottery St. Valentine’s Day in Spain, as they may acquire their lucky numbers through the different web pages of international lottery outlets available on the internet.

There are 3 Categories winners in the game of lottery of Valentine’s Day in Spain, as well is that you can be become a lucky winner, all you have to do is to purchase 10 tickets of an integer, these are divided equally among the 10 announced that have come out winners. So, you have the option of purchasing a full ticket or purchase one or more tenths of that ticket.

The amount of money available for this next draw held on 14 February Valentine’s Day will be €105 million euros, the primary prize is €15 million and for the 10 prizes the amount is US$1.3 million each, and tens of thousands of cash prizes, so you don’t get to miss this incredible opportunity to be one of the lucky winners.

Anyone who wishes to try their luck this Valentine’s Day can do it when they buy a lottery ticket or buy a tenth of the ticket that likewise come loaded with fabulous cash prizes. For players who live in other countries of the world can make the purchase of your lotto tickets through the internet, while those living in any city in Spain may well visit any national lottery office nearest you.

Remember that, if this year you’ve been lucky in love, is perhaps because your luck is on the money and to confirm your destination, you have to play the lottery raffle of St. Valentine’s Day in Spain no matter who you are or not a Spanish citizen. To make the purchase of lottery ticket online is easy, quick, and safe you can perfectly select your lucky numbers in the array of numbers available on the web, right and win.

To start playing online, visit Lottosend lotteries page

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