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Spanish Lottery History and Tradition

spanish lotteries

Playing lottery games is extremely popular in Spain but the fact is that you don’t have to reside in Spain to be able to play a Spanish lottery game, you can play online! Spanish lotteries have a rich history and numerous prize draws take place every week. Some of them are familiar and are even drawn frequently while others are actually fixed around traditional holidays such as Valentines, Father’s day and so on. For instance, the El Gordo, which is the most popular of the Spanish lotteries, is held during Christmas time. Spaniards love lottery games and especially enjoy playing Spanish national lottery. Also, when they play these games, they greatly contribute to worthy causes and raise funds for the poor. This tradition goes back over 200 years and is an almost unique cultural phenomenon for Spain.

Play  Spanish Lottery Online – Can a Non-Resident Play and Win the Spanish Lottery?

El Gordo Online

YES! Any person can participate in Spanish lotteries; even non-residents can play!

Taxes do not apply to winnings, unless you opt to take money out of the state.

In this case, some assessment will need to be carried out before you can take your millions across the border.

El Gordo – “the fat one” –  refers to the draw that occurs once per year during Christmas period.

This is possibly the most well known of the Spanish lotteries.

Currently, it is among the globe’s richest draws with prize pools in the billions.

Surprisingly, it is believed that about 90% of the inhabitants actually take part in this game!

Similar to other top lotto drawings all over the globe, you select 6 from 49 numbers in the weekly El Gordo de la Primitiva.

The person who wins the grand prize will have selected all  six to match the drawings.

Spanish lottery syndicates mainly focus on the La Primitiva, which makes it earn the term ‘National Lottery of Spain.’

Currently, more than 42 million euros are given in prizes when the bigger of the two drawings takes place on Saturday.

A smaller portion is usually allocated on Thursdays.

It is thought that 4 out of every 10 players are able to succeed.

Spanish lottery

Loteria de Navidad Tickets On Sale: Spain, 1943

In Spain, the national lottery represents tradition, history and Spanish culture.

Spanish lotteries can be accessed very easily.

Results for the Spanish lottery can be viewed instantly after the drawing online.

A list showing previous winnings and drawings is present at this site and it can be downloaded.

There are several sections in the Spanish Lottery and a lot of these games are based on the outcomes of football games.

This is a common practice in other European countries also, such as the United Kingdom.

In the UK it is called football pools and is a staple of British gambling due its widespread popularity and a rich history.

The person taking part needs to make a prediction on the final outcome of competitive matches.

Points are distributed if you select the correct score, prizes can be won in these matches.

The final score of any given game such as 2-1, will equate to the numbers 2 & 1 being drawn in a regular raffle or lottery.

There can be over 100 games in England on a Saturday so the odds of winning the pools are very high.

The flip side of this is the winnings are huge and the cost to play is very low – it is a fun experience above all else.

In Europe, the passion for the lottery is highest in Spain.

In addition to La Primitiva, playing Bonoloto occurs 4 times each week.

During the weekend, an extra ‘bonus’ game is also played.

Spanish Lottery: Tickets & Information

El Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad, also known as Loteria de Navidad in Spanish (and the Navidad lottery and the Spanish Christmas lottery in English), is the biggest event in Spain’s lottery calendar.

With a prize pool of over 2 billion euros (yes, that’s not a typo, 2 billion!), the annual Christmas version of the El Gordo lottery was played by some 30 million people last year!

The odds of winning the Spanish lottery are also much higher than that of the Euromillions for examples, mainly because of the prize structure.

The probability of winning the Euromillions is roughly 1 in 116,531,800, whereas for El Sorteo de Navidad it’s 1 in 100,000.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get your El Navidad lottery tickets!

Keep your eye on this page for updates on when tickets for the Christmas lottery will go on sale.

What is El Gordo De Navidad?

It’s a special annual lottery that takes place in Spain and is run by the national Loterias y Apuestas del Estado.

El Gordo means the “fat one”, a nod to the huge prize pool of 2 billion euros, which makes it the lottery with the highest payout in the world.

It is the second longest running lottery in the world, and has been organized every year since 1812, even during the turbulent years of the Franco regime.

Like the normal Spanish lottery, tickets have 5-digit numbers, with the top prize going to players who match the numbers of the five drawn balls.

It is not to be confused with the relative recent weekly Spanish lottery, El Gordo de La Primitiva.  

When is the Spanish Christmas Lottery?

Pupils of Madrid's Saint Ildefonso announcing Spanish Christmas lottery numbers

Pupils of Madrid’s Saint Ildefonso announcing Spanish Christmas lottery numbers

This year’s El Navidad lottery will take place on December 22.

The lottery usually takes place in the morning and is huge television event, with several traditions, including the drawing of numbers by children from the San Ildefonso school (which used to be a school for orphans of public servants). 

How do I Get Tickets for El Gordo Navidad?

Spanish Christmas Lottery Ticket from 2011

A ticket for the Spanish Christmas Lottery

Tickets for the Spanish Christmas lottery will be available at Lottosend when they go on sale.

Our local lottery agents will purchase tickets on your behalf and we’ll inform you if you land any of jackpots.

Alternatively, if you live in Spain you can also purchase a ticket from a lottery provider.

What are the Jackpots for the Spanish Christmas Lottery?

Winners of Spain's Christmas lottery

El Gordo Christmas lottery winners (Source:

The top prize is €4,000,000, which is split between whichever players have tickets with the winning five-number combination.

Prizes descend from there: the second prize is 1,250,000, with a third prize of 500,000 and a fourth prize of 200,000.

There are also 1,794 prizes of 1,000 available If all tickets are sold the prize pool is around 2.24 (by 2013’s figures).

These prize amounts can vary every year.

More About Spanish Lotteries

The lotto is extremely famous in Spain and numerous prize draws take place often.

Some of them are familiar and are even drawn frequently while others are actually fixed around traditional holidays.

For instance, the El Gordo, which is the most popular, is held during Christmas time.

Spaniards love lottery games and especially enjoy playing Spanish national lottery.

Also, when they play these games, they greatly contribute to worthy causes and raise funds for the poor.

We are a big fan of Spanish Lotteries.

They did, in many ways, set the benchmark for what was possible in a national lottery & continue to do so with what is possible in a national raffle.