Spanish Football Quiniela – What is It and How This Game Works

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All About the Spanish Football (Soccer) Quiniela Lottery Game

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When it comes to Football, Spain is considered to be among the greatest. In addition to the fact that Spain are among the eight nations to have lifted the FIFA World Cup trophy (lifted in the 2010 FIFA World Cup which took place in South Africa), their football competitions are ranked among the best in the world. We are referring to the La Liga Santander which is their major National Football league competition featuring the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Valencia CF among others. In addition to La Liga, they also host the annual Spanish football cup competition popularly known as the Copa del Rey.

Teams such as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have a reputation in Europe as they are always present in the Champions League which is a Football Competition among Europe’s best clubs some of which are Italy’s Juventus, France’s Paris Saint Germain, A.S. Monaco and England’s Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. Real Madrid CF has won this competition 12 times and are the current champions of Europe. In addition to the aforementioned, Spain is home to some of the greatest football stadiums in the world such as the Camp Nou and the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu which hosted the finals of the 1982 FIFA World Cup. All of the above prove the football strength and passion of the nation and this passion has led to the creation of many lottery games which are contingent on the results of matches played in these elite competitions. One of such games is the Spanish Football Quinella. Spain also has other famous lotto games such as:

Playing the Spanish Football Quinella

Originally, the Quiniela was used to refer to a bet on the first two positions of a horse race. Eventually, with the emergence of football and the diversion of interest from horse races to football especially in Spain, the Quinella was adapted to the football domain.

The Spanish Football Quinella dates back to the early 1970s as draw results go as far back as 1970. This lottery game is based on the outcome of football matches played by Spanish teams in national and international competitions. Originally, it featured matches from the Spanish La Liga Santander, the Spanish Segunda and the Copa del Rey (Spanish King’s Cup) but because of the presence of Spanish teams in European competitions like the Champions League and the FIFA World Cup, the game has grown to accommodate games from different competitions in and out of Spain.

Playing this Spanish lottery game is very simple and is a lot of fun especially for fans of football. It is played by simply betting on the outcome of the 15 matches found on the Football Quinella ticket. Players bet on which of the teams are going to win or whether the match will end as a draw. Consider the example of the “El Classico” game which is name given to the match that features the two Spanish Giants, Real Madrid, and Barcelona. Assuming that the match is being held at the Santiago Bernabeu which is Real Madrid’s field, it means that Real Madrid is playing at Home while Barcelona is visiting (playing Away). Players have three options from which they can choose:

  • 1 – The home team – Real Madid in our example – will win.
  • X – The match will end as a draw – no team will win
  • 2 – The visiting team – Barcelona in our example – will win.

These three options – 1, X and 2 can be used to bet on the first 14 matches on the Football Quinella ticket. For the first 14 matches, players can choose to use either the single, double or triple prediction. With a single prediction, players are expected to choose one of the three options. With the double prediction, players can choose two of the three options available thereby enhancing their winning odds. The triple prediction guarantees that the player gets the result of the match. The more the number of predictions played, the higher the cost of the ticket.

The last match (fifteenth match) has different options from the previous 14 matches. Here, the player will have to predict the exact number of goals to be scored by each team. There are four options from which a player can choose:

  1. 0 – Zero goals
  2. 1 – One goal
  3. 2 – Two goals
  4. M – Three or more goals

If for example, a player thinks that the result of the 15th match will be 5-1, he/she is expected to choose M-1 on the Quiniela Lottery ticket. Thus, if the number of goals are greater than or equal to three, the player uses the M option. Players can choose between 16 possible outcomes. Each Quiniela ticket has a maximum of eight betting columns with each betting column costing €0.50. Players have to play on at least two betting columns for a ticket to be validated. Players are allowed to make single combinations on all the eight columns of the ticket. Multiple predictions can be made only on the first column of the ticket.

Football Quiniela Winnings and Prizes

There are no draws for the Quiniela lottery game as bets are played on the outcome of matches played. However, most matches take place during the weekends. All bets are based on the results of matches at the end of 90 minutes plus any additional time. Prolongations and penalty kicks are not take into account. Prizes exist only for those who are able to match 10 or more of the 15 matches. The Spanish Quiniela jackpot is won by matching the result of all 15 matches on the ticket. If there is more than one winner, the prize amount is shared equally among the winners. In the event that any match does not take place, the result of the match is replaced with the result of a three-ball draw conducted in Madrid once all the games are finished.

The prize pool of the Quniela lottery amounts to 55% of the lottery’s total collection. This percentage of the total lottery collection is shared among the six prize categories for the lottery. The last prize which is won when a player matches 10 of the 15 matches is €9,00. In the event that there are no winners for the first prize category, the funds reserved are sent to the reserve fund which is then used to set the next jackpot amount. The reserve fund is managed by the Lotteries and Bets Commission of the Spanish Government (LAE).

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