Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle – Contra el Cancer Spanish Super Game of Lotería Nacional

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Tickets for Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle each present five digit figures varying between 00000 – 99999. Every ticket is divided into ten equal shares. In Spanish the shares are called ‘decimos’ also. All the shares are pre-printed with the raffle digit on them.

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You cannot buy more shares than are present. There are various playing options: 

  • Either choose and purchase a single share of a raffle ticket figure or
  • Select multiple shares with a single raffle ticket digit. It will raise your winnings if that digit wins a prize or
  • Buy shares in different numbers, increasing your likelihood of winning.

If you win, the amount of your prize will be connected to the number of shares you have of the raffle ticket number. In case your raffle ticket number earns €250 000 and you have 1 share, you are going to get €25 000.

Background of Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle

The Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle presents some extraordinary or ‘Sorteo Extraordinario’ draws that are organized by the Spanish National Lottery authorized operator. These raffles are special and have higher value; they are organized to celebrate or commemorate distinct days in Spain’s calendar or for sponsoring charitable ventures.

Money collected from selling the Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle is used to fund the Asociacion Espanola Contra el Cancer’s work, also known as Spanish Association against Cancer.

Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle Regulations

The popularity of the Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle results from the many shares or tickets available. This happens because each of the figures between 00000 – 99999 recur in a series of ten. These digits have series references which are written on the tickets for the Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle. Every ticket is now split into ‘decimos’ or tenths which are the shares (decimos) you can buy. If your figure corresponds with a raffle ticket digit that is drawn, you split the amount of the prize that is drawn with the rest of the purchasers of shares or tickets.

Tax on Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle Winnings

Do wish to play this Spanish raffle? You can play form anywhere in the world if you are 18 years old or more. Do not forget the tax effects! In case your winnings for Spanish Cancer Charity Raffle are more than €2 500, this amount is going to be subjected to a state tax of 20%. It is going to be totaled on the sum you win that exceeds €2 500.

Play online from anywhere in the world! Click Here

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