Online Lotto South Africa: All About the South Africa Powerball Lottery & Playing Lotteries Online

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Even though the U.S. Powerball is the most popular lottery in the world, the South Africa Powerball lottery has also been growing over the years. The history of the South Africa Powerball lottery dates as far back as the year 2000. It was on March 11th, 2000 that the National Lottery was introduced to South Africa and it was managed by Uthingo at the time.  A marketing effort was put in place with the aim of reaching 80% of South African homes. On the first day, there was a sale of over 800,000 tickets and after the first three weeks, close to R70 million worth of tickets were sold.

Online Lottery South Africa

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A daily lottery was suggested by Uthingo in October 2002 to supplement weekly draws. In March 2003, the trade and industry ministry rejected the concept called Keno. They launched the Lotto Plus game in November 2003 which acted as a supplementary weekly lottery which was made available after purchasing a primary lottery ticket, with R1 as an entry fee. The Gidani consortium which had a technical partner in the form of the Greek company Intralot was chosen as the preferred bidder in July 2006 to take charge of the lottery for seven years as from April 2007. In October 2006, the operating license was awarded. In April 2007, the lottery was suspended indefinitely by the Pretoria High court due to some conflicts of interest but was later given the go-ahead to resume in September that year. In October, sales of tickets resumed and within the first three hours, over 200,000 tickets were sold.

South Africa Powerball Lottery Game

South Africa Powerball Lottery Game

Lotto licenses were then given to Ithuba in 2015. Even though South Africa’s most popular type of gambling is the lotto, Powerball due to its huge payouts has become more popular over the last years.

How to Play the South Africa Powerball

Through a Local Retailer

The South Africa Powerball was launched in 2009 in the month of October. It has now turned out to become one of the most popular lotteries in South Africa based on the large jackpots which it usually offers due to rollovers. This game does not only create tens of thousands of lottery winners each and every week but it has also played a part in generating funds for good reasons.

People who are in South Africa can purchase tickets for Powerball from a very large network of retailers throughout the country who have been authorized to do so. When you buy your ticket from the retailer, you should do your best to keep the ticket very safe because if you win a prize, you will have to show your ticket to the lottery officials before collecting the prize. Signing at the back of your ticket is also very important because, in the event that your ticket gets lost with your signature on it, your prize cannot be claimed by the person who found it.

Powerball is some sort of a double matrix game that has a pool of 45 numbers and requires players to select five main numbers together with a single secondary number from a different ball pool which ranges from 1 to 20. The Powerball is vital to the game unlike other lotto games where a ball which is gotten from the secondary pool is used as a ‘Bonus Ball’. A player can manually choose his or her own numbers or can select the Quick Pick option which does a random selection of numbers.

Playing Online

Players who are not chanced to visit an authorized retailer or those who are not based in South Africa can play the Powerball Lottery online through a lottery caretaker service. Locally based agents buy your tickets on your behalf and then upload the scanned slip to your player account. Your account is credited with all non-jackpot prizes and you will be contacted by the customer services team to help you claim the jackpots.

The Powerball draws are done at 9:00 pm on Tuesday and Friday nights and the details or results of the prize breakdown and winning numbers are made readily available the next day in the morning. One Powerball play will cost R5. You can buy tickets in advance for up to ten draws which cover a period of five weeks that is, you can buy one or two draws weekly for a period of five weeks. In case no one wins the jackpot, the funds will keep rolling over until a jackpot winner is gotten. All winning tickets have a 365 days validity period after the draw and they pay out prizes as a lump sum free of taxes.

Official Scanned Tickets

Official Scanned Tickets

Winnings and Prizes

In order for you to better your chances of being the winner of the South Africa Powerball jackpot, you should play numbers in the following systematic forms; 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. You will win a lot of times with your tickets if you hit a winning combination. You can purchase shares in a Powerball syndicate in order to increase your chances of winning a prize.

With regards to the ticket sales, South Africa Powerball jackpots start at about R3 million and tend to quickly rise each time no one wins the top prize. The South Africa Powerball has no jackpot or rollover cap, which implies that it can go up to very large amounts. In the event that nobody wins in any non-jackpot prize tier, that amount which ought to have been given to those whose numbers were a match with the winning numbers will be rolled into the following winning tier and distributed to the ticket holders who are present.

There are nine different types of prizes for the South Africa Powerball, and they give out cash amounts when you match even just one main ball and the Powerball. With the South Africa Powerball, the total odds of being a prize winner is 1 in 18.

On Friday 3rd June 2011, the largest ever South Africa Powerball jackpot was won by a player who was based in Free State province. That player won a whopping R102 million.

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