Slovenia Lottery – Everything You Should Know About Slovenia Loto

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Numerous exciting lottery games can be enjoyed in Slovenia such as EuroJackpot, Loto 7/39, Lotko and more.

Slovenia: A Central European Paradise

Slovenia: A Central European Paradise

Loterija Slovenjie

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Otherwise known as Loterija Slovenjie, the Slovenia Lottery was independently established in 1981. Previously, it had been a part of the Yugoslavia lottery, which had ceased its operations unfortunately in 1972. Numerous exciting lottery games can be enjoyed in Slovenia such as EuroJackpot, Loto 7/39, Lotko, Super Lotko, Loto Plus, Super Loto, Super Loto Plus, Clover, Astro and 3×3 plus 6. Just like other lottery platforms, the Euro Jackpot remains the most popular game in the country, which was introduced on March 17th, 2012. On 16th May, 2014, the red carpet was laid down by the Slovenia lottery for its biggest winner from Zalec, who won a staggering sum of €28.2 million through the Euro Jackpot.

However, this is not the only popular lottery game in Slovenia as there is also the Loto 7/39. The Slovenia Loto celebrated its 55th birthday last year, which makes it one of the most prominent and oldest games in Slovenia. This particular game comes with some amazing odds of winning the jackpot and the prizes that winners can claim are also something to write about. Loto has been part of Loterija Slovenjie’s portfolio for a long time. It was in 1962 that the first drawing for the game was conducted and since then, the game has managed to produce around 30,000 winners every week.

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Some modifications have been made to Slovenia Loto over the years. An additional opportunity by the name of Loto Plus was introduced in 2008. Put simply, this is an additional drawing, which means that players can participate in two drawings when they buy a single ticket. Another modification was made to the game in 2014. This was when a cap had been imposed by Loterija Slovenjie on the rollover of the jackpot. Since then, the maximum prize that people can win through Slovenia Loto is 5 million euros.

If you are wondering whether Slovenia Loto is a scam, then there is no need to worry because the game has a history of more than 55 years and is quite loved in its country of origin. As mentioned above, Loto is part of Loterija Slovenjie’s portfolio and it has plenty of other offerings as well. You can also find various online games and there are also scratch cards that offer instant prizes. The national organization had been established in 1945 and it 1952, it was restructured by the Yugoslavian Lottery. However, this partnership came to an end in 1972 and that’s when the country got its own national lottery Institute. The entity became a public limited company in 1998.

There has been one primary goal of Loterija Slovenjie ever since it was established; to generate funds for sports and social organizations and also for projects focusing on people suffering from disabilities in the country. A portion of the funds that are spent on every single ticket is used for supporting such causes.

How to Play Slovenia Loto

This is basically a 7/39, which makes it a tad different from the classic format that most national lotteries tend to follow. However, the smaller range of numbers actually works in favor of the lottery players because it simply boosts their odds of winning the jackpot. The drawings for the Slovenia Loto are conducted twice in a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, which means players get two opportunities to win the great prize. The price of a single ticket is 0.6 euro, which also makes the Slovenia Loto quite cost effective. People have the option of playing the lottery and choosing their winning numbers at licensed retail venues or online through the website of the lottery official and lottery services.

It is up to the players to choose only seven numbers when participating in the Slovenia Loto draw or choose to play a system. Even though the charges of the system might be a bit higher, it might be worth it because it allows you to increase your odds of winning. Not only that, but when playing a system, lottery players also have the option of claiming multiple prizes with just one ticket. As far as the winning fund is concerned, it is 57 percent of the sales of the tickets. The rest of the money is used for covering administrative costs and for supporting sports and charitable activities in Slovenia.

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There is a minimum guaranteed jackpot that lottery players can get with the Slovenia Loto and this is about 250,000 euros. If no winner emerges from a respective drawing, the sum is then rolled over to the next draw. The odds of winning the jackpot in the Slovenia Loto are 1 in 15,380,937 and these odds are considerably better than the ones that you find in standard lottery games such as the 6/49 because the pool of numbers to choose from is considerably smaller. There is also a jackpot cap applicable in Slovenia lottery games.

If the jackpot prize reaches the sum of 5 million euros and no winner emerges from the respective drawing, then this prize is rolled down to other prize tiers instead of being rolled over towards the next weekly drawing. On July 8th, 2015, the maximum prize of 5 million euros and it was taken home by a ticket holder from Koper. The second biggest prize in the history of the Slovenia Loto was paid out on January 29th, 2012 and the staggering sum of 4.87 million euros was awarded to a ticket holder in Maribor.

As far as other prize tiers are concerned, the amount is determined according to the number of tickets that are bought for the respective drawing and the number of winnings that have to be paid out for every prize tier. Lottery players in Slovenia need to know that a prize of up to 300 euro or less can be claimed by winners at any licensed retail outlet in the country. For prizes that are between the range of 301 and 4,000 euros, there are specialized lottery points that have been established and they can be collected from there.

The addresses and other details of these places can be found on the Slovenia lottery website. For prizes that are in excess of 4,000 euros, lottery winners have to go to the headquarters of Slovenia lottery, which are located in Ljubljana. One important thing that lottery players should note is that Slovenia is one of those countries where income tax is applicable on lottery winnings. No taxation is applicable on prizes that are less than 300 euros, but if your prize is higher than this amount, then 15 percent income tax has to be paid on it. The prizes can be claimed within 67 days of the date of the drawing after which the prize is rolled over to the next draw or rolled down to the other tiers; whatever applicable.

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However, in order to win a prize, you have to choose the right numbers. While it is a fact that there is no way to accurately predict what the actual winning numbers will be, it is still possible for players to use certain tricks and strategies to improve their odds of taking home a prize. Some of these tactics are outlined below:

Play with a syndicate

One of the oldest tricks in the lottery books is to buy more tickets in order to increase your odds of winning. This sounds quite reasonable, but how many tickets are enough? 5, 10, 50 or a hundred maybe? In this way, you may end up spending more than you can afford and your investment just might go to waste if you don’t win anything. After all, even buying a large number of ticket may not guarantee you a win. This is where syndicates come in.

A syndicate is formed by a group of people who come together and pool their money for buying a large number of tickets. Every person can contribute whatever amount they wish, which is then used for purchasing tickets. If a prize is won, the amount is then divided amongst all participants according to their share. You can use this when you play the Slovenia Loto. These days, online syndicates are available that can be joined with ease and can save you a lot of hassle of forming your own and also improve your odds.

Play random numbers

If you know anything about the lottery, you will be told that the draws are conducted randomly. There is no way to tell what numbers might be chosen. Therefore, lots of lottery experts often recommend players to go with the Quick Pick option when they are choosing numbers for their lottery ticket. This means allowing the computer or machine to generate numbers that you can play with your tickets. These numbers are chosen randomly and follow no pattern, just like the draw. Thus, they may be able to give you an edge in the Slovenia Loto as well.

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Play as per the statistics

Another tactic that has been discussed by past lottery winners is the use of statistics when choosing your ticket numbers. If you do a little bit of research, you will have absolutely no trouble in finding out the past results of the Slovenia Loto. Why are these useful? You can study these results and notice a pattern in the numbers that have been drawn in previous games.

This analysis will show you that even though all numbers have an equal chance of being drawn, there are some numbers that tend to be selected more frequently. In addition, there are also numbers that are rarely chosen. This information can be incredibly useful as you can use them for forming your own ticket combination. Through this tactic, even if you are not able to match all the numbers to win a prize, you will still manage to match some numbers and this will help you in taking home something.

Play your lucky numbers

If you are a lottery player who believes in the value of lucky numbers, you can use them to play in the Slovenia Loto. You may have some numbers that mean something to you; these can be your first phone number, your current address, your social security number, birth date or any other important date. There have been lottery winners who chose to go down this route and ended up with big prizes. You can do the same and who knows? You just might take home the Slovenia Loto.

You can use any one or all of these tactics for playing the Slovenia Loto. The oldest game in Slovenia is definitely one you should play if you are interested in winning good prizes. Even though the minimum guaranteed jackpot might not appeal to everyone, but rollovers can give you access to pretty hefty prizes that are definitely life changing. Even other than the prize, there are some great reasons for players to try their luck in the Slovenia Loto. It is a 100 percent legitimate game since it is organized by a national entity and there are two drawings every week, which means you have more chances of winning.

Another perk of the Slovenia Loto is that its ticket prices are very reasonable and as compared to other national lotteries, the odds of winning this one are considerably better. The addition of the Loto Plus is also seen as a huge benefit as it simply adds to your chances of taking home a prize. If you are a resident of Slovenia, you will like the fact that some of the money from the ticket sales is used for charitable causes, which helps the country as a whole. Likewise, the income tax to be paid on the winnings is much less than what other countries may charge.

With numerous years of gaming success, the Slovenia Lottery offers one of the best games to lottery lovers all over the world and it is in compliance with all gaming and business ethics. Therefore, trying out the Slovenia Loto is undeniably a good idea for all lottery fans.

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