Singapore Toto: All About The Singapore Lottery Games and Traditions

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Singapore is world’s safest destination

Singapore is world’s safest destination – and has a rich lottery tradition too!

Singapore Toto – Try your Luck at Spectacular Prizes

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Singapore Lottery Games

The lottery traditions in Singapore are quite well-established. As a matter of fact, the organizer of these lottery games known as Singapore Pools was brought into existence in 1968. In this very year, the first lottery of the company was also launched. Over the years, a number of changes have been made to the Singapore Toto as it has been given the modern touch. If numbers are any indication, the Singapore Toto is undoubtedly one of the most popular lottery games in the country. Some surveys have revealed that approximately 58 percent of the residents in Singapore have participated in this lottery game at least once during the course of a year.

These facts sound very promising due to which it is not surprising to know that a large number of lottery players wish to play the Singapore Toto. As far as the lottery’s history is concerned, it first began in the distant 1968. Shortly after the establishment of the Singapore Pools, the manual version of the Singapore Toto was launched in the country. In the next few decades, significant changes were introduced in the game in terms of gameplay as well as technology. The very first change in the game was introduced in the year 1981 when the organizer introduced the concept of a rollover jackpot.

Big Jackpot Changes Since 1988

Previously, the jackpot in the Singapore Toto had been fixed, which meant it didn’t grow even if the prize was not claimed in one draw. Obviously, once this change was introduced, the Singapore Toto saw a huge growth in its popularity amongst the residents of the country as it meant that they could try their hand at even more massive jackpots than before. Originally, the Singapore Toto had followed by 5/49 format, but a change to this was made in 1988 when a new 6/42 format was launched.

However, this change didn’t even last for ten years and the format was once again reformed and it became the classic 6/45. The minimum guaranteed jackpot was also changed with the format. Previously, it had been about 300,000 Singaporean dollars, but it was then increased to 500,000 Singaporean dollars. Nonetheless, it was not until 2014 that the current format of the Singapore Toto was introduced, which is 6/49, another classic. Again, the format was not the only change that was made in that year as the minimum guaranteed jackpot also got an update and was updated to its current level of 1 million Singaporean dollars.

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Yes, that’s right. This is just the minimum guaranteed jackpot associated with the Singapore Toto and no, the game is not an elaborate scam. As a matter of fact, Singapore Toto is organized and regulated by a lottery subsidiary company that’s owned by the state. Since its establishment in 1968, Singapore Toto is the only operator in the country that has the authority of organizing lotteries in Singapore. The Singapore Totalisator Board is the entity that is operated by the Ministry of Finance and it also owns the Singapore Pools.

Singapore Totalisator Board

The primary goal of this entity is to put an end to illegal gambling and betting in the country. Suffice it to say, they have done a pretty good job of accomplishing this goal by establishing a variety of legal lotteries and games. One of these games is the Singapore Toto. Currently, three lotteries are operated by Singapore Pools, which are called Toto, Singapore Sweep and 4D. More than 300 outlets are operated by the company throughout the country, which are aimed at facilitating the purchase of lottery tickets and also make it easy for the players to claim their prizes. Singapore Pools doesn’t just ensure the legality of lottery operations, but is also responsible for generating funds for charitable and social causes. If you are wondering about playing Singapore Toto online, it is certainly possible to do so, thanks to technological advancement, but there might be some limitations and conditions.

Singapore Toto Lottery Game Rules and Tips

Moving onto the game, as mentioned above, it is a standard game that follows the 6/49 format. It is quite easy for experienced as well as new lottery players to grasp the rules of the game and get started right away. In order to win the jackpot, every player is required to choose six numbers from a range of 49 and then match them in the drawing they have participated in. The draws for the Singapore Toto are conducted twice a week, which are Monday and Thursday. The cost of one ticket for participating in the Singapore Toto is 1 Singaporean dollar.

However, if you decide to go with a system, you will have to spend a little more money on your ticket. The most expensive bet that you can play is a system of 12 and you will have to spend approximately 924 Singaporean dollars in order to use it. Some people are willing to put in this money because playing a system can boost their odds of winning the lottery. Put simply, the game is rather straightforward because it doesn’t have any additional drawings, bonus numbers or any such combinations to deal with.

Another thing that might be interesting to players of Singapore Toto is that the odds of taking home the jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816. The biggest jackpot in the history of the game was paid out in February of 2016 and it was divided equally amongst two lottery ticket holders. Each of the players were able to take home an impressive prize of about 6.971 million Singaporean dollars. It was a staggering sum of 13.943 million Singaporean dollars, which is equal to 10.35 million US dollars. The second biggest prize in the history of the game was paid out on February 27, 2015 and it was an impressive sum of 12.067 million dollars. Once again, this sum was divided amongst two players.

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Singapore Toto Biggest Jackpot

The biggest jackpot prize that was claimed by a single ticket holder was around 9.545 million dollars and this prize was claimed in February 2016. Apart from the jackpot, there are 6 more prize tiers that players o Singapore Toto can enjoy when they decide to participate in this game. There is one supplementary number associated with every drawing of the Singapore Toto, which is chosen for determining several of the prize tiers of the game. The second prize is given out to those players who are successful in matching 5 correct numbers as well as the supplementary number.

Winners of this particular tier will be able to take home eight percent of the prize pool and the odds of taking home this prize are 1 in 2,330,636. The lowest prize associated with the Singapore Toto is handed out to people who are able to match three numbers in the drawing. The prize for this category is 10 Singaporean dollars and the odds of winning it are 1 in 61. The overall odds of winning just about any prize in the Singapore Toto lottery game are 1 in 54.

Claiming Prizes and Playing Online

Apart from this information, players should also know some other things before they participate in Singapore Toto. They should know that they have approximately 180 days from the day the drawing is conducted and results are announced in order to claim their winnings. It doesn’t matter what amount they have won; this deadline applies. Players can visit any retail venue of the Singapore Pools for claiming any prize that’s less than or up to 5,000 Singaporean dollars. However, if your winnings exceed this amount, then you will have to visit the main office of the Singapore Pools in order to claim them.

One of the biggest advantage that players enjoy when playing just about any lottery game in Singapore is that their lottery prizes are not subjected to any taxation in the country. But, it should be known by international players that if they participate in and win the Singapore Toto, they will still have to pay taxes in their own country, if applicable. Obviously, when any lottery player comes across the straightforward rules and good jackpots offered by the Singapore Loto, they automatically wonder if it is possible to play this game online, especially when they are not a resident of the country.

Previously, if you wanted to play Singapore Toto online, you still had to be in the territory of Singapore. As per the rules set by Singapore Pools, the tickets could be bought online, but this feature was not available to those in other countries. While these rules have not changed, the introduction of lottery agents has opened up the doors for international players. These agents have offices in Singapore and are willing to buy tickets on behalf of lottery players in other countries. You can visit their website, register yourself and decide the number of tickets you want to buy in the Singapore Toto. Before you pay for your tickets, you need to choose your Singapore Toto numbers.

Choosing Numbers

Choosing these numbers is not a decision to be made lightly because these numbers determine if you will win something or not. Therefore, you need to exercise caution when selecting your numbers. Some of the tips that you can use for this purpose are outlined below:

  • Use statistics to predict your lottery numbers

One of the most powerful and useful tips of selecting the best numbers for the Singapore Toto is by studying the statistics. While all numbers are said to have an equal chance of being drawn in any lottery draw, if you study the numbers chosen in the past, you will come to realize that some of them tend to be drawn more often than others in a specific time frame. Thus, you can use some of the statistics to your advantage.

  • Consider hot numbers

Numbers that are drawn more frequently in any given lottery in a given time frame are called hot numbers. Lots of lottery players have considered this trend; if a number has been drawn more often in past draws, it will continue to be drawn more frequently in the future as well.

  • Consider cold numbers

As the name indicates, cold numbers are simply the opposite of hot numbers. This means that these numbers are those that are least drawn in any given lottery in a given time frame. Lottery experts who recommend using cold numbers believe that because these numbers have not been drawn frequently in the past, there is a good chance they will be drawn in the future.

  • Consider due numbers

Also known as outstanding or overdue numbers, due numbers are those that have not been drawn for more than an average number of draws. Thus, they are due to being chosen. One of the most interesting things about these numbers is that they can be somewhat combined with hot and cold numbers for selecting your entire set of lottery numbers.

If you don’t want to pick any of these strategies, you always have the option of going down the random route. This means that you can use a machine for generating a set of random numbers that you can play in the Singapore Toto. As the draws are random, it is possible that playing random numbers just might increase your chances of winning the jackpot. After you have chosen your numbers, you can pay for your tickets and enter the draw. Playing online also saves you from the hassle of watching the draw live. You will simply be notified of the draw and the results and your winnings are automatically transferred in your account.

One more interesting feature of the Singapore Toto is that apart from its twice weekly drawings, special celebratory drawings are also held. These draws offer a higher guaranteed jackpot and this makes them very appealing. The price of the tickets is also really low, which allows you to buy a large number of tickets and the jackpot rolls over to the next draw if a winner is not announced in one draw. With no income tax applicable, the Singapore Toto is a very interesting game to play.

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