Russia Goslotto 6/45: The Popular Russian Lotto Played by Millions

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Russian Lotto – Goslotto

Founded in 2003 and formally starting in 2005, the Russian lotto Gosloto distributes one of Russia’s national lotteries, selling at over 50,000 retail stores. Gosoloto is in every region of the country and is Russia’s only online lottery retail. They include various games, such as the Russian Lotto and Gosloto 5/36 Gosloto 6/45 was the first game in the state national lottery and remains very popular since the beginning because it includes the biggest jackpots the Russian lottery has to offer. Goslotto results can easily be found online after each draw.

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How To Play Russian Lotto

  • Each Russian lotto game slip has six boxes labeled A through F, permitting play in all of them.
  • A lottery bet in 6/45 is simply six numbers picked out of 45 from the pit.
  • Players just dot their six numbers on the slip ticket.
  • Players can also notch more than 6 numbers on the ticket if they are placing a multiple bet.
  • Here, up to 19 numbers are chosen in one field and 14 if it’s online.
  • The numbers can be picked manually or by computer, the so-called “Quick Pick.”

Odds And Jackpot of Russian Lottery Game Goslotto 6/45

If you like playing lottery games, Lottosend is the right website for you! Play NowFollowing the drawing, all results of matching tickets are calculated based on the number of correct selections made. For two matching numbers, it is 100 rubles, the minimum bet.

Afterwards, the total jackpot is split based on these percentages:for 3 right, 23%. For 4 right, 14.4%. For 5 right, 26.8%.

For all 6 numbers elected, it’s 35.8%. The jackpot for matching all of the numbers can snowball and roll over if no one gets them all.

For multiple bets, the amount is determined based on the number of 6-number combinations that could have been chosen and which the odds of those picks are calculated.

The prize fund of the game consists of 50% of the proceeds from sales of tickets; the rest go to charities and other government programs, as well as pay off Gosloto’s workings.

The odds of winning are as follows

For a perfect match, 1 in 8,145,060. For 5 of 6, 1 in 34,808. For 4, 1 in 733, 1 in 45 for 3 numbers, and 1 in 7 for 2 numbers.

It should be noted that a 13% income tax is automatically labeled onto the prizes and they are given in one single payment and winners must claim their prize in 180 days after the drawing.

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Go And Get Lucky!

Gosloto brings together everyone through the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Sport. Gosloto is responsible for nearly 2,000 lottery wins that have resulted in instant millionaires and over 240 winners have already claimed their prize this year. The biggest prize ever won in Russia was from a Sochi resident playing the 6/45, which lead to a grand total of 364,685,787 rubles, or $6.1 million.

Gosloto or USA / Europe Lotteries What’s Better?

Is it important to try out a lottery like this one? 

The Gosloto lottery is widely known as one of the most successful ones in Russia. In fact, many lotteries went with their model. That alone provides you with the help and insight you need for this type of game. So yes if you live in Russia or are in Russia as a tourist or for work you should consider trying out this incredible lottery, as it really is an extraordinary lottery that everyone should try out. It’s well worth investing some money in it, especially since the winnings are OK too!

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