Manchester United Captain Dreams of Winning the Lottery !

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Wayne Rooney

Did you know the captain of Manchester United team is ardent admirer of National Lottery?

No? You really didn’t? You still thing you are real fun of Manchester United? Well, it’s a joke, don’t be sad. Now you’ll know more.

So, the captain of Manchester United team, famous Wayne Rooney, who is known a one of the most well-paid football players in the history of England football is dreaming to win a huge jackpot. Avidity, dream or aim? What is it?

Let’s see!



As official information tells, the income of Wayne Rooney forms  £260k pre week! His worth is around £80 million! he really worth it, so it is not a problem for well-known football star to purchase lottery tickets, which cost only 2£. Wayne Rooney was dreaming to become a lottery winner since the time he was child. He came from not very wealthy family, was grown up in Croxteth, Liverpool, so maybe it is not surprising, he believes in luck! Well, for sure, he was dreaming to become a football star and to gain millions not by a fortune. What can I say… Not all dreams are coming true!

Get Your Chance To Win

Wayne Rooney has interesting tradition or prejudice, who knows, but the point is that he never buys lottery tickets on his own. His friends do it for him.

Well, Roony, don’t be sad, you already won a jackpot in this life!

Actually, Wayne Rooney isn’t only star with enviable bank account, who is trying to win the lottery jackpot. Simon Cowell, music and TV star also used to buy lottery tickets, but now (as he says) he gave up attempts to snatch a large sum. Among other wealthy and successful people, Paris Hilton, George Clooney and Madonna also tried to find lucky lottery ticket.

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