Romania Lotto 6/49 – The #1 Lottery Game In Romania

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The Romania Lotto 6/49 offers the most famous lottery in the entire Romania. This lotto was started in 1906. Romania residents have portrayed a lot of interest for this specific kind of lottery even prior to today’s edition being offered to the public.

Before 1993, another kind of 6/49 lotto existed, which did not offer as much money as the current version. National Romanian Lottery provided this lottery and saw a chance to create something big and bring profits to its customers.

The Romania Lotto 6/49 was formed together with a number of other lotteries that did not offer what people expected. This particular game has been successful because of the huge payout and high winning chances.

When you take part in playing a consistent 6/49 ticket, you can play a different lottery based game known as NOROC. This lotto game, which normally features theSmart list due to the huge cost-benefit ratio, enables Lotto 6/49 Romania to provide its fans with a number of lovely surprises all through the year.

History of Romanian Lottery

The Romanian Lottery is the authorized organizer of all activities that are linked to lotto in the country. The Romanian Lottery began as a charity organization. Tickets were sold via churches and prizes of small value were given out. The remainder of the money was used for charitable acts and assisting the poor.

As an institution, the Romanian Lottery was started during the time between the 2 World Wars, in response to the country’s keenness in other lotteries in Europe.

Regardless of the scarcity of transportation means at that period, Romanians were going to the countries nearby to this effect. As time went by, the Romanian Lottery became involved in varied charitable and cultural projects, assisting musicians and writers but also collecting money for construction/refurbishment landmarks such as the Saint Joseph Catholic Cathedral (Bucharest), Romanian Athenaeum, the Romanian Cultural League, etc.

Presently, Lotto Romania offers a few games; however, Romania 6/49 is the most famous lottery. Draws for Romanian Lotto 6/49 occur two times each week (on Thursday and Sunday). Each of the players waits for them to check who wins the jackpot or one of the numerous secondary prizes.

Rules for Lotto Romania

One of the biggest benefits offered by Lotto 6/49 is the user-friendly format. Players need to select 6 digits from a range of 1-49 and accurately guess each of them so as to become big prizewinners.

But, fans for Romania Lotto can benefit from one of the secondary prizes in case they have a minimum of 3 winning lotto digits on one line. Keep in mind that the ticket just has 3 lines; the digits on every line are considered individually when assessing the winning status of the ticket.

Playing Romania Lotto 6/49

As this Lotto game name implies, the digit range is between 1-49. As a willing participant, it is necessary for you to choose 6 digits from the permitted digit range.

You can personally do this by adhering to your personal strategy and play style or by choosing the quick pick option that will choose a group of digits for you.

Form here onwards, you simply need to wait for the draw to take place. If you are lucky, you shall win some prizes. The prospect of winning a prize is what makes Romania Lotto 6 so attractive to lottery players.

From here on, you just have to wait for the draw to take place. If you are fortunate you will win some prizes. The chance of winning a prize is what makes this lotto so appealing to lottery players.

Defining NOROC

When NOROC is translated in English it practically means ‘Luck.’ This is a kind of joker that you can use to win extra prizes that are autonomous of your lottery ticket. You do not choose the digits for the NOROC; instead, when your lottery ticket is accepted by the terminal, it will form a set of seven digits.

These seven digits represent your ticket for the NOROC. Another independent draw from the lottery draw is present. In this manner, you are taking part in two varied draws and you qualify for two varied sets of prizes. Therefore, if you are unlucky and did not win with one draw, NOROC offers you another chance.

The digits: Costs and Prizes

The price of a single number combination for Romania Lotto 6/49 is $3.15. Normally, you will be given an option to purchase three lines at a go; this totals to $9.45. For lower than $10, you can join a lottery draw with tripled winning chances.

But, this is not going to triple winning chances for the NOROC, since its ticket slip contains 3 lines. If only there were just 3 NOROC combinations for each lotto combination we obtain!

In 2014, this specific lottery paid out category one prizes for €14 and €800,000 and more in secondary prizes. Where categories are concerned, the prizes present 4 varied categories.

Category 1 is the top tier and features the main prize. To take part in this category, the lottery ticket you have needs to match each of the 6 digits of the draw.

Category 2 needs you to match 5 of the 6 digits, the third 4 of the 6 digits. One can regard this as this game’s pillar of success. With category 4, you are able to win a prize by just matching 3 of the 4 drawing digits. The 1:57 winning ratio makes it rate among the most generous lotteries in the globe.

When does the Draw occur?

You have a chance to play the Romania Lotto 6/49 two times each week on Thursday and Sunday. It differs from other lotteries that normally occur on Wednesday and Saturday and you are now able to enjoy a Thursday and Sunday lottery draw.

Ensure you do not miss a draw since it can be devastating if you possess the winning combination and have not purchased a ticket for that particular draw. To eliminate any concern about whether you have purchased a ticket or not, subscribe.

Winning odds for Romania Lotto 6/49

The prospect of being a winner of the first prize for Romania Lotto 6/49 by matching each of the 6 digits is 1 in 13.98 million. Winning chances for second prize are 1 in 54,201. The possibility of winning the 3rd prize is 1 in 1,032. Winning odds for the 4th prize are in 1 in 57.

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