Refer a Friend & Get More FREE Chances to Win the Lottery!

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Refer a Friend BonusIf you love playing the lottery, you’ll really love the new Refer a Friend feature on Lottosend!

Millions of people from all around this big blue marble and all walks of life love playing lotto games for a chance to become an instant millionaire or in many cases multi-millionaire.

If this includes you and you want to increase your chances of being the next big jackpot winner, read on to find out how you can score free bonus tickets to some of the world’s biggest and most popular lotteries.

Refer a Friend & Win!

While there is no guarantee you’ll win the lottery, you’ll definitely be a winner as far as scoring a bonus that you can use to purchase lottery tickets and who knows?

One of those tickets just might win a giant lottery jackpot prize!

In fact, to make this deal even sweeter, you can refer up to 5 friends and scoop even more free tickets to play the lottery or lotteries of your choice.

How does it work?

How Refer a Friend Works

This is how Refer a Friend works:

1. Go to Lottosend.com and become a client

2. Play at least one game

3. Refer a new client that hasn’t signed up before

Once the friend becomes a client and purchases a ticket to one of our current lottery drawings, a $25 credit will applied to your account balance.

It’s a win-win situation because not only do you get the $25 bonus, so does your friend! You can do this up to 5 times, so there is the potential to get up to $125 in bonuses to play lottery games.

You can only use your bonus credits to play lottery games on Lottosend.com.

The Refer a Friend feature can get both you and your friend a $25 bonus credit to play some of the great games with big jackpots available on Lottosend, so jump on this opportunity to boost your chances of winning the lottery!

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