Record Breaking: Woman From Norway Wins Viking Lotto Biggest Ever Jackpot

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New Viking Lotto Record Jackpot

A woman from Norway has won more than $41,000,000 in the newest record breaking jackpot prize – this time the lotto game was the exciting VikingLotto that is played by millions each and every week on Wednesdays. The VikingLotto has 1 draw per week making it hard to miss and fun to play. The record breaking jackpot prize was won by a single ticket holder, a woman from Norway, who is now richer than she could even dream in her most wild fantasies.

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The Northern Lights in Norway

The Northern Lights in Norway

More Than $41,000,000 Prize For The Lucky Woman

The Viking Lotto rolled over for more than 150 days in order to reach a jackpot prize of this size. Although other lottery games around the world such as the USA Powerball and the USA Mega Millions have a MINIMUM jackpot prize of $40,000,000, this VikingLotto record is still exciting as it is going down in history as the biggest ever record VikingLotto jackpot prize to date. If you want to take part in exciting and fun big jackpot lotto games you can do so from anywhere in the world with Lottosend and purchase tickets online.

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The Jackpot win is worth (NOK) 341,285,000 Norwegian krone, around $41 million

The Jackpot win is worth (NOK) 341,285,000 Norwegian krone, around $41 million

The Lucky Winner Has Decided To Stay Anonymous

The woman who won the record breaking VikingLotto jackpot prize has decoded not to come forward to the media about her win and has asked to stay anonymous, in Norway when a lottery winner wins a jackpot and asks to stay anonymous the state must respect their wishes and jackpot winners do not have to be any part of public record in Norway.

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Winner Expects a Very Happy Christmas!

Although the woman has decided to stay anonymous she did speak on the phone with lottery officials, one of the lottery officials stated that the woman told her on the phone that she was very supervised and happy about the win, the lottery official stated that the winner could not stop laughing in joy and that she said that this year Christmas will be very special and joyful for her and her family.

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