Powerball Record $1.6 Billion Jackpot Winners!

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Last lottery was on Wednesday; in the New Year the prize was considerable more than in the past. Who is lucky to win the grand prize could receive almost $ 1.6 billion, as the main jackpot.

Typically, the administration of the lottery to spend a few hours to figure out and find a new winner in the new lottery, it is now known that the new jackpot winner will receive a ticket if it will be located numbers 4-8-19-27-34 and extra ball with the number 10.

The administration said that the lottery in California was found shop where a new winner bought his ticket, but the identity of the lucky winner has not yet been established.

The official said that the lottery law of their games obliges them to pay the prize money the store, where the winner bought his ticket. Now the lucky store can receive a reward of $ 1 million.

The odd of winning the lottery, which was held on Wednesday, was 293 to 1 million, but even this figure does not stop the players on the willingness and ability to buy tickets.

With each new bid to raffle grand prize jackpot is growing, since November 4, when the jackpot was about $ 40 million.

Each winner is obliged to pay tax on his jackpot, most often it is the interest rate of 39, 7%.

Lottery tickets and the process of the game is very like the Americans, so the lottery is officially permitted in 44 states, and is the main, the state lottery.

But there are six states where citizens can not buy tickets for this game, but thanks to the Association of the federal lottery ticket sales via the Internet is allowed, so now everyone from any country of the world can easily buy a lottery ticket.

powerball draw

Top 10 huge jackpots in the lottery history.

The American state lottery Powerball is not the largest lotteries in the world, apart from it; there is other no less important lottery. For example, the El Gordo lottery is held once a year in Spain, on Christmas Eve. It is considered to be the biggest lottery because her prize reaches $ 2.2 billion each year. This amount is significantly higher than several hundred million, which offers its winner of the US version of the lottery Powerball.

But we decided to consider the 10 biggest jackpots that have been recorded in the USA, that’s the happiest lottery winners:

  • The draw from September, 2013, prize – 399, 4 million dollars, the winner was from South Carolina.
  • The draw from February, 2014, prize – 426 million dollars, the winner from California.
  • The draw from February, 2015, prize – 565 million dollars, the winners from North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Texas.
  • The draw from May, 2013, prize – 592 million dollars, the winner from Florida.
  • The draw from March, 2012, prize – 657 millions dollars.
  • The draw from December, 2013, prize – 636 millions dollars, the winners from California and Georgia.
  • The draw from November, 2012, prize – 589 million dollars.
  • The draw from August, 2013, prize – 449 million dollars, the winner from New Jersey and from Minnesota.
  • The draw from March, 2014, prize – 415 million dollars.
  • The draw from March, 2007, prize – 391 million dollars.

Get Your Chance To Win !

The computer system processes the lottery tickets a few hours, causing the player waiting period. All billboards show a new prize, which looks like 999 million dollars, despite the fact that the top prize is almost more than one billion dollars.

At the rally Saturday night, there was no winner in this lottery, so the prize money to the next game has become much more than usual.

Member of the Federal Association of the lottery said that such a level of the jackpot prize has not been recorded since the opening of the lottery.

The odds to win the main jackpot are very small, especially since such a prize exceeded $ 1 billion, which made it possible to join the game all who wants to win.

He said that the work in this lottery for more than 20 years and have not seen such a number of the jackpot prize, which he said is a surprising fact. Many players are aware of their chances to win, as they are very motivation increased because $ 1 billion attracts them.

The last jackpot was almost $ 40 million, and it was as recently as November 4 last year.

Last Saturday was the main jackpot, which no one could win, since there was complete agreement in numerical combinations on lottery tickets. This particular happens to next jackpot but this has increased dramatically.

Even ticket sales rose sharply, which allowed them to rise to a record level in the past few decades. Players have been able to spend a total of more than $ 2.5 billion just to buy a lottery ticket, which allowed increasing the total prize fund.

Here are some details about the big win the jackpot.


Each winner can choose a way to get his money. National Lottery offers receive your prize within 29 years, or to use a lump sum, and the winner must pay a mandatory federal tax.


The odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 292 million, but if we compare this number with the previous raffle, then it can be considered within the normal range. Lottery officials are explained what is the probability of winning the grand prize, but it can not stop the players from the desire to win the grand prize. They also hinted that no one can win something, if he did not buy a ticket and did not put forth a numerical combination.


There is a way to improve their chances of winning the main jackpot; you need to buy lottery ticket in the company of friends, family or colleagues. If you think that some items are not likely to decide your destiny, you are wrong, because your ticket can be left blank, and your friend receives a ticket to the main jackpot. It can not be regarded as a misunderstanding, because some items add your chances.

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